Turkish occupation cuts olive trees to establish military base

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries cut more than 300 trees in Berad village of Shirawa District to establish a military base there. 

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries cut down more than 300 olive trees in the village of Brad, which belongs to Shirawa District, owned by Ahmed Mamo.

According to sources from the village, machinery was observed digging and construction of barriers to establishing a base for the Turkish occupation in the village.

With the start of harvesting olive crops in the Afrin region in general, some traders monopolize prices to buy them cheaply, taking advantage of the poverty of farmers to secure a living. We received the names of some merchants, Zahr al-Din Habbo from the village of Qarmatlq and Mustafa Daoud from the people of Shih.

On the other hand, sources said that merchants incite the mercenary Mohammed Jassim Abu Amsha to issue orders to prevent the export of the products of the district outside the district without giving Abu Amsha 22% of the olive crop.


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