About Us

"ANHA" Hawar news agency was founded on March 1, 2013 by a number of Kurdish journalists in Belgium. It covers events and publishes news from various European countries, Rojava areas and other parts of Kurdistan, in addition to the countries of the Middle East.

In our present age, where authoritarian mentality has exercised great media distortion, using highly sophisticated techniques and tools in its attempt to distort information and deprive society of it, as well as to eliminate diversity and pluralism. It also strives to harness all means and media platforms to serve this trend, while ANHA aims to deliver the right information and its basic sources to the community.

In this context, Hawar news agency seeks to confront authoritarianism in the media field and join the struggle to rebuild moral and political society. ANHA believes that the struggle in the media is one of the means of struggle to promote the principles of life and build the personality of the moral and political society, which absorbs all colors, voices, beliefs and opinions

The media are now the main and most important force capable of eliminating domination, and reaching to millions of people at the same time. ANHA believes that media is a key factor in building a democratic society, in this context, it aims to struggle in the media field to define, protect and develop the identity, culture and history of the Kurdish people and all oppressed peoples, the peoples whose existence is denied and peoples exposed to physical and cultural genocide.

In keeping with the legacy of the free media, ANHA's other core aims are to eliminate the authoritarian media mentality isolated from society and associated with masculine mindset, and to create and build thought that is closely related to society. It also seeks to get the media out of the hegemony of power, put it at the service of the people, and strengthen alternative media institutions.

In this context, ANHA adopts the values of democratic and participatory life, adopts the Democratic civilization's history and philosophy and adheres to the principles and values of the media of the democratic and environmental society and women's freedom.

In order to achieve these goals, Hawar news agency follows up developments and brings the information to the community, based on honest, emotional, moral and objective media, through a network of correspondents deployed in Rojava in particular and in the rest of Kurdistan and the Middle East, in general.

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