Hawar News Agency (ANHA) was established on March 1, 2013, to cover events and developments in the NE Syria and the rest of Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world, and to publish the correct information from the primary source and deliver it to the society, in an era in which the dominant mentality uses the latest technological technologies and all media means and devices to mislead and spread false news, deprive society of correct information, and eliminate diversity and pluralism in it.

ANHA aims to engage in the struggle against hegemony at the media level, and believes that this struggle is one of the ways to struggle for strengthen the principles of life and build the moral and political character of a society that accommodates all voices, beliefs and opinions, the media is an essential factor in building a democratic society, and it also aims to eliminate the authoritarian media mentality that is separate from society and linked to the male mentality, and to create and build thought that is closely related to society, based on the legacy of free media.

ANHA works and struggles in the field of media; To define and develop the identity, culture and history of oppressed peoples whose existence is denied and who are subjected to physical and cultural genocide, especially the Kurdish people, and also emphasizes in its media coverage the freedom of women and youth, the two basic elements of society, as well as the rights of workers and toilers and the protection of the environment.

To achieve these goals, ANHA works to convey facts and developments and deliver them to communities through its media network, on the basis of transparent, honest, ethical and objective media coverage, and it has made great sacrifices on this difficult path.

During the coverage of the war against ISIS and the resistance to the Turkish occupation in NE Syria, the agency’s members, Dilishan Ibesh, Rizgar Deniz, Hoger Muhammad, Saad Ahmed and Issam Abdullah martyred.

Hawar News Agency (ANHA) continues its path in free media; To highlight hidden facts.