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18:07 KURDISTAN HPG: ongoing operations against Turkish occupation
14:37 KURDISTAN New request to meet with Leader Abdullah Ocalan
13:31 NEWS Kurdistan Democratic Party kidnapped Suleiman Ahmed, 37 days ago 
10:57 NEWS 4 members of National Defense Forces killed in Deir ez-Zor
09:47 NEWS 2 members of subversive groups arrested east of Deir ez-Zor
03:01 NEWS Belgian writer calls for support of PKK: countries renounce their principles in favor of interests
02:00 DAILY Hawar news agency plan 12-30-20
29 November 2023
20:52 NEWS SDF Military Council holds its regular meeting
15:59 NEWS Turkish air strikes on vicinity of Tal Rifaat
14:57 NEWS Afrin Association denounces Damascus's blockade on Shahba
14:33 NEWS  Turkish authorities forcibly deport 250 Syrian refugees
12:51 YOUTH  3-day long Foot march for leader Ocalan 
12:27 WORLD-Middle East American military plane with 8 people on board crashed
05:01 SOCIETY - LIFE Yazidi child narrates his journey from Idlib to Şengal
03:12 NEWS Old Patriots: November 27 is a holy day
02:00 DAILY Hawar news agency plan 11-29-2023
28 November 2023
20:29 NEWS Turkish occupation army targets a village rural Kobani
19:05 KURDISTAN Al-Asr Office lawyers submit a new request to meet with Imrali detainees
18:53 NEWS Japan removes PKK from list of "prohibited organizations"
18:45 KURDISTAN HPG: Turkish occupation army hides its losses and lies
15:41 NEWS Drone targets village of Kafr Antoun in Shran district
14:34 WORLD-Middle East Raisi postpones scheduled visit to Turkey
13:13 NEWS Turkish mercenaries kidnap 419 people in occupied Syrian territories during 2023
12:26 NEWS KDP authorities continue to conceal fate of journalist Suleiman
12:07 NEWS Missile bombardment on Aleppo countryside
05:03 NEWS Egyptian researcher: PKK has foreseeable vision of Mid-east crisis
03:01 NEWS Settling political scores hinder of removing PKK from terrorist list
02:00 DAILY Hawar news agency plan11-28-2023
27 November 2023
21:09 KURDISTAN HPG unveils killing 18 occupiers
16:19 KURDISTAN Guerrilla celebrates on the anniversary of founding PKK
15:51 NEWS Massive crowds in Euphrates region celebrate the 45th anniversary of PKK
14:34 NEWS In pictures: Under the darkness of besieged Shahba, hope in the refugee camps
13:41 NEWS  Damascus govt's blockade exacerbates suffering of Shahba people
11:51 NEWS Turkish mercenaries kidnap 3 citizens in occupied Girê Spi
11:45 NEWS ISIS gangs kill 67 of Damascus forces during month

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