Turkish occupation commits a massacre in Derik.. 9 martyrs and 3 injures

The air raids launched by the Turkish occupation state's warplanes on Derik after midnight last night resulted in the martyrdom of 9 people, including ANHA's correspondent, Issam Abdullah, and the wounding of 3 others.

After midnight yesterday, the Turkish occupation warplanes bombed the areas of Kobani, Shahba, Zarghan and Derik.

The attack targeted a car in the village of Taqil Baqil, which resulted in the martyrdom of 2 people.

After this attack, the people went to the targeted site then Turkish jets re-bomb the same site.

As a result of this shelling, 7 citizens were martyred, including ANHA agency's correspondent, Issam Abdullah, and 3 others were wounded.



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