HPG Command issues statement regarding recent KDP Peshmerga moves in Metina

The General Command of the HPG in Xabûr Square described the PDK's dispatch of its forces to that area as a "dangerous move that would lead to the outbreak of a major infighting between the Kurdish forces" and said: "The casualties of these forces are painful for us and sad. Every person is a patriot. But the responsibility for this incident does not fall on us, but on those who sent these forces here.

The General Command of the HPG in Xabûr Square, Matina, issued a statement regarding the dangerous developments in the region during the past hours.

The statement read:

At about 4 AM of today, the forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) attacked from two directions the strait located between Karcil Hill and Colemêrg Hill, which is a strategic point in Matina Square. In order to prevent this military force, each of which consists of 50 armored vehicles, from entering this area, our forces fired some warning shots. But these forces advanced, without heeding this warning.

There area is uninhabited and the Peshmerga have not moved in this area for 25 years. Most of the area is under control of the HPG forces and has been mined against the Turkish occupation. Despite the warning shots, an explosion occurred and resulted in unknown casualties in one or two vehicles.

Falling victims of these forces is painful for us and sad for every patriot. But the responsibility for this incident does not lie with us, but with those who sent these forces here.

This moves against the Kurdistan freedom fighters (HPG), who have shown a historical resistance against the Turkish occupation 43 days ago in the area located on the Kesti and Zandoura line, represents nothing but clear support for the Turkish occupation in its efforts to control the region and tighten the screws on the HPG forces and the resistance against the occupation, a service that aims to stifle Resistance. Although this move is a stab in the back, our forces did not target these two convoys. The victims who fell from them are the result of their own fault. Also, these forces were attacking our positions while they were still massed and in a state of constant readiness near the area.

At this crucial historical juncture, the PDK is seizing this opportunity to pave the way for a major Kurdish infighting. Such a matter would be a great loss for the Kurdish cause. We still do not want to start an endless internal war. We just want to stand up and fight against the Turkish state, which is the sworn enemy of our people. The Guerilla forces, with their 43-day historical resistance, have shown that they are able to repel the attacks of the Turkish state on Southern Kurdistan. Attempting to encircle us from behind is not in line with the values ​​of the Kurdish people, and such an attempt would be a great danger to our people.

We, the guerrilla fighters call on the PDK, to undo such attempts, and we appeal to all our Kurdish people, especially the patriots and jealous people of Bahdinan, and all political forces, intellectuals and artists to bear their historical responsibility.

Source: Roj News


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