Outcome of a month of operations and attacks in Shahba and Afrin

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have launched 41 attacks on the districts of Shara and Sherawa in the occupied Afrin and Shahba cantons during the month of February, killing 6 civilians, including three members of one family, in addition to wounding about 10 civilians.

The attacks often focused on the villages of Al-Malikiyah, Al-Alaqmiyya, Maranaz, and Shawarghah in the district of Shara, and the villages of Akiba, Shawarghah, and Ibeen in the area of ​​Sherawa.

The attacks also focused on the villages of Harbel, Umm Al-Hosh, and the Tel Al-Raddar area in Al-Shahba district.

The reconnaissance aircraft also flew non-stop.

In the 3rd of February, an elderly man named Manla Ali was martyred by the shelling of the village of Akiba, and many homes were destroyed.

In February 15th, a woman and two children were injured in an attack on the village of Bashmra.

The woman’s name is Sevin Nebo Kassab, and her daughter Hamida Hilal is 8 years old, while the identity of the third victim has not been identified, and a casualty also occurred at the same time in the village of Bashmara in the district of Sherawa.

In the 23rd of February, villages of Ibeen, Akiba, Soghonek and Kaluta were targeted where one woman martyred, in addition to huge physical damage to the property of civilians in the villages of Ibeen and Akiba.

In the 24th of February, the villages of Kaluta, Burj Al-Qas and Gundi Mazen in the district of Sherawa were targeted. The shelling resulted in the death of a woman and the injury of a man, the woman named Amouna Mansour Amer, aged 40, and the man named Khalil Bakri Ahmed, who is 35 years old.

In the 25th of February, three people were martyred, and four others were injured in an attack on the villages of Akiba, Ibeen, and Soghonek.

A whole family including the mother, father, and daughter remained trapped under the rubble until martyrdom.

Generally, reconnaissance aircraft did not calm down, and there were warplanes flying.




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