Who prepared ground for attack on Garê?

When preparing for a specific attack, each force seeks to prepare the ground for its attack, highlight its arguments and promote its legitimacy, but in the Turkish attack on Garê region, Turkey did not do this alone, so which force works on its behalf in Başûr (southern Kurdistan) and justifies the Turkish genocide plans against the Kurds and the Kurdistan Liberation Movement?

On February 10th, the Turkish occupation army began a massive attack on Garê region, located in the depth of Southern Kurdistan, with bombardment it carried out by more than 50 warplanes for several hours continuously, which was followed by an airdrop operation in an attempt to station in Garê and Meruk regions, but the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) thwarted that attempt.

The Media Center of the People’s Defense Forces revealed through a statement that the Turkish occupation army’s forces that entered Garê region came from Southern Kurdistan via Turkish Skorsky and Cobra helicopters, and this is the first time that the Turkish occupation army has launched an attack on the areas of the legitimate defense zones of Southern Kurdistan.

The attack on Garê region was prepared in advance as part of a plan in which several regional and local forces participated, and the aim of which is to eliminate the gains of the Kurdish people that have been achieved over the past years, and it was revealed on June 16, 2020 during the Turkish attack on Heftanin region, and the conspiracy against Şengal in October 9, 2020, coinciding with the 22nd anniversary of the international conspiracy that targeted the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the discovery of the Turkish plan to launch a large-scale attack on Dêrik and Şengal regions on January 23rd.

To find out the answer to the most important question, who prepared the ground for the Turkish occupation army to launch an attack on Garê region, far from the border separating Başûr Kurdistan and Bakur Kurdistan? We should turn back a little.

On September 4th, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, accompanied by Fawzi Hariri, Karim Shankali, Sevin Dezi and Falah Mostafa, went to Turkey, and the delegation met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut and Turkish President Erdogan, and according to Cavusoglu’s tweet, the two parties agreed to fight the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

After the visit of officials of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to Turkey, specifically on November 25, 2020, the party mobilized its special forces, "Heza Gulan", affiliated with "Masrour Barzani", and the mercenaries of the Peshmerga Roj in Garê and Metina regions, armed with heavy weapons, and these forces are not affiliated with the Ministry of Peshmerga, rather, they are directly affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic.

The Kurdistan Democratic Forces (KDP) stationed in Garê region provided the Turkish occupation army with the coordinates, which caused the death of dozens of the People’s Defense Forces, as the Member of the Leadership Body in the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), Mostafa Karah Su, revealed to the “MAD” news channel in an interview, on January 29, about the martyrdom of hundreds of PKK fighters as a result of the intelligence contribution made by the intelligence service of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (Parastin) to the Turkish intelligence service (MIT).

The Co-chair of the Leadership Body of KCK, Jamil Bayek, said via Stêrk TV on January 27: “We demand that the leaders of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) promise not to be dragged behind the plans of the Kurds’ enemies, not to play the role of agents for the Turkish state, and the party should not contribute to facilitating the implementation of Turkey's policy of exterminating the Kurdish people.”

In exchange for this call, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) facilitated the way for the Turkish occupation state to launch another attack on Garê region, and according to the information received, the leadership of the attack is from Masiha village of Saladin, the birthplace of the Barzanis.

During a press conference by the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, on February 10th, the day of the Turkish attack on Garê, he directly legalized the Turkish attacks on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan, and in response to a Turkish journalist's question about the position of the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the continued violation of the sovereignty of Iraq by the Turkish occupation state, Masrour Barzani claimed that: “The areas targeted by the Turkish army lacks sovereignty, as a result of the PKK presence there.”

He forgot that the Iraqi government and the KDP praised the party's heroism during the ISIS attacks on Şengal, Mexmûr and Hewlêr defense line.



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