SDC denounces Qamishlo massacre; demands an air embargo on NE, Syria

The Syrian Democratic Council, SDC, condemned the "cowardly terrorist act" committed by the Turkish occupation state against the citizens in the city of Qamishlo, and called on the international community "to protect stability in this region and consolidate it by imposing an air embargo on the regions of north and east Syria."

Syrian Democratic Council issued a statement regarding the attack on the Gilo family in the city of Qamishlo yesterday, by the Turkish occupation, which resulted in the martyrdom of 3 members of the family.

In the statement of the SDC "In a clear threat to security and stability in NE, Syria, Turkish occupation UAV targeted a vehicle carrying three members of a well-known Syrian Kurdish family, Gilo family, "they were immediately martyred by targeting Turkish UAV in front of their house in a crowded neighborhood of civilians in Qamishli city, aged 70 with his grandsons Mohammed and Mazloum.

The statement added: "SDC, offers the deepest condolences to the people of the three martyrs, condemns in the strongest terms this cowardly act of terrorism against innocent people, condemns every attack on Syrian territory and the continued targeting of Kurdish military leaders that contributed to the war on ISIS terrorism. The Syrian Democratic Council also calls upon all national democratic forces to demonstrate their position in rejecting Turkish attacks and stand together in the face of continued threats of occupation.

In conclusion, the SDC called on the international community to impose an air embargo on NE, Syria: "It called for firm international positions towards such attacks and breaches of internationally applicable De-escalation agreements. Affirming the lack of respect for and violation of international law on the Turkish side, SDC calls on the international community to protect stability in the region and to uphold it by imposing an air embargo on areas in NE, Syria that continue to face the threat of terrorist organizations such as ISIS and other extremist factions. "



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