Media Department in NE,Syria condemns the targeting of female satellite journalists on Jin TV

The Media Department in North and East Syria denounced the targeting of female journalists by the Turkish occupation on Jin TV, and called "also the international community and the human rights and concerned parties to intervene and put an end to the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries."

And the Media Department in North and East Syria issued a statement about targeting a UAV of the Turkish occupation, on Wednesday, a car belonging to the Jin TV satellite, which resulted in the martyrdom of one of the workers in the satellite channel and the injury of a journalist.

At the beginning of the statement, the statement read: "The Turkish occupation and its Syrian mercenaries continue to commit more massacres against the people of NE,Syria, ignoring all international covenants and covenants that call for the protection of civilians in conflicts, not to harm them and to neutralize them from attacks carried out between the parties to the conflict."

The Turkish occupation continues to use the pretext of "fighting terrorism" as evidence against journalists in the vast majority of convictions. In most trials, the evidence usually includes publications on virtual media, news stories, articles or television broadcasts.

"According to the latest World Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Turkey ranked 149th out of 180 countries in 2022," the statement added.

During this year 2023, the Free Media Union documented the killing of six journalists in separate parts of Syria, the last of which was the targeting of the Syrian Kurdish journalist Issam Abdullah (Hawar Agency correspondent and member of the Media Union).

The statement also stated: "In a flagrant violation by it, Wednesday, August 23, 2023, a UAV belonging to the Turkish occupation state targeted a car carrying journalists working in NE Syria, in full view of the international community, the United Nations, and the Security and Human Rights Council, who are watching these crimes.

The Media Department in North and East Syria condemned this targeting, and called on "the international community and the concerned human rights bodies to intervene and put an end to the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and hold it accountable for the violations that are increasing every day against the people and components of NE, Syria and the various areas under its control within the Syrian territories."

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