Political observer: Erdogan returned from Iraq empty-handed

Political observer Niyaz Hamid pointed out that 26 agreements were signed between Iraq and Turkey, but he doubted the implementation of most of them, and stated that Turkey did not get what it wanted.

Political observer: Erdogan returned from Iraq empty-handed
25 April 2024   13:08

Political observer Niyaz Hamid from South Kurdistan spoke to ANHA agency about the meeting of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani on April 22.

Niyaz Hamid pointed to the goals of the Turkish state from this visit, saying: “The first Turkish goal was to classify the Iraqi government of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party as (terrorist), and push it to participate in the war against the party and concluding economic agreements, as Turkey is witnessing an economic crisis internally.

“I do not think the agreement will be implemented.”

Hamid stated that the agreements concluded between Turkey and Iraq are not new and said: “Some of the signed agreements relate to the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, oil and Turkish companies in Iraq. These agreements were signed, but I do not believe they will be implemented in practice. In 2011, similar agreements were also signed but were not implemented.

"The Iraqi army will not fight the Guerrilla"

Hamid cleared that the Iraqi army will not join the war against the Guerrilla, and said: “Everyone, including Iraq, knows that the Guerrilla fought to defend Kirkuk, Makhmur, Jalula (Jalawla) and Şengal, and gave martyrs for the sake of that. So Iraq itself knows that the war against the Guerrilla is difficult, everyone agrees that the Iraqi army cannot fight against the Guerrilla. While the NATO armies themselves cannot fight them.

Hamid indicated that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party is a political and diplomatic force,“It is adopting a project Democratic confederalism is an ideology based on the thought and philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan."

Political observer Niyaz Hamid explained that Erdogan’s visit to Hewler aroused great dissatisfaction with the Iraqis, and said: “Most intellectuals criticize the Iraqi government for allowing Erdogan to visit the Turkmen and the Barzani family, only Erdogan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party remain in the war against the Guerrilla.”