Wife of ISIS leader, her 2 kids smuggled from Al-Hol camp

The Italian wife of an ISIS mercenary leader and her two children have disappeared from Al-Hawl camp, and accusations are being directed to workers of an international organization, amid continued efforts by the SDF and the Internal Security Forces to impose security within it.

Wife of ISIS leader, her 2 kids smuggled from Al-Hol camp
Wife of ISIS leader, her 2 kids smuggled from Al-Hol camp
27 April 2024   05:15

The news of the disappearance of the Italian woman and her two children was revealed to ANHA agency by Khurshid Qarro, the joint head of the camp administration, in the context of his explanation of the reality of the camp following the recent security operations by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces.

On Tuesday, April 23, the camp witnessed a security operation carried out by the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria, which resulted in the arrest of 25 mercenaries from ISIS sleeper cells in the camp, including a woman, and the seizure of a large quantity of weapons and explosive materials.

Qarro, said: “After the end of the third phase of the “Humanity and Security” operation, the camp did not record any killings, but in the ISIS women’s section in particular, there is still intimidation of women and children by their so-called (Hisbah), in addition to to almost daily night demonstrations.”

He revealed an assassination attempt last week, by saying  “During the past days, there was an assassination attempt of a girl who managed to escape to Internal Security Forces.”

Regarding the details of the escape incident, Qarro, said: “A woman and two children were smuggled from the ISIS women’s section by workers at the International Red Cross Hospital, and according to the information, she is of Italian nationality and the wife of one of the ISIS mercenary leaders,”

He pointed out that the other sections of the camp are witnessing a stable security situation, following the three stages of the Security operation.

Al-Hol camp, the most dangerous camp in the world is located on the eastern side of the city of Hasaka according to the latest statistics obtained by ANHA agency from the camp administration, 42,781 people, including 19,530 Iraqis and 16,779 Syrians, while the number of foreigners is 6,461 people.

 The joint head of the Al-Hol camp administration made the point clear “The “Humanity and Security” operation ended the largest percentage of danger and extremism within the rest of the camp’s sectors, after it confiscated large quantities of weapons and arrested members of ISIS cells within it. This matter constituted a kind of relief to the people.

The Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria, with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces, launched the third phase of the “Humanity and Security” operation on January 27 in the camp, and arrested 85 mercenaries from ISIS cells, and found a large quantity of weapons and ammunition.