"Without solving the Kurdish issue, there will be no stability, development"

The director of the Kurd Without Borders Center stressed that Turkey is looking for partners to fight the Kurds because it had previously failed, warning Baghdad and Holir of Turkish ambitions that believe that many Iraqi lands belong to it, and he also indicated that the Kurdistan Workers Party is standing in the face of these ambitions, and he said. Regional powers: 'for the stability and development of the region; The Kurdish issue must be resolved fairly by negotiating with Leader Abdullah Ocalan. '

"Without solving the Kurdish issue, there will be no stability, development"
29 April 2024   03:10

During the recent period, the Turkish occupation state intensified its movements on the Iraqi scene, and after Turkish intelligence and foreign officials visited Baghdad and Hewler several times, the head of the Turkish occupation state, a few days ago, made a visit there as well.

These visits coincided with threats and the launching of a new attack on the defense areas of Mediya and Southern Kurdistan, and were also accompanied by the conclusion of many agreements by Iraq, Turkey, Qatar, and the UAE within the framework of completing the development road project.

Searching for partners to fight the Kurds and save the economy

The head of the Kurds Without Borders Center, Kadar Perry, spoke about this, and said: “To try to understand the visit of a head of state to another country, this comes within the framework of bilateral relations, and it is required and even necessary to discuss what concerns the interests of the peoples of the two countries or to sign agreements. of course this is In ordinary matters, but the visit of the Turkish president comes after 13 years of estrangement, and during that period, when the Turkish army was arriving and touring within Iraqi territory and its planes were bombing and killing Iraqi citizens, both Kurds and Arabs, and all the statements of Turkish politicians do not give any consideration to the sovereignty of the Iraqi state. Rather, the matter reached the point of cutting off water from the State of Iraq, and of course from Syria as well, and these are violations of international laws, and then there is talk about the existence of agreements or discussions between the two parties to reach agreements for a period of 10 years, on the issue of water and oil, this is what was announced.”

He added, "But the secret of Erdogan's visit, or the main point of it, remains primarily centered around what the Turkish state claims as Turkish security, which is how to fight the Kurdistan Workers' Party and its negative ways of thinking to find a solution to the Kurdish issue inside Turkey, and thus wants to escalate abroad."

As for the second degree, it is “the stifling Turkish economic crisis, which was one of the reasons for Erdogan’s concession and his going on a visit to Baghdad and then to Hewler. This in itself is a diplomatic setback for Turkish policy, and we have learned from Turkish politics and Turkish politicians, specifically Erdogan, to change the course of their direction 180 degrees, that is, in the direction of... The complete opposite, meaning that they declare something today and talk about the opposite tomorrow, whether negatively or positively. The important point in this visit is that Erdogan was looking for partners in fighting the Kurds there, and fighting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Guerrilla forces, because he failed completely in all his previous attempts."

Perry continued, "Every year, the Turkish politicians and military encourage us to start a new campaign against the Kurdistan Workers' Party, and announce that the party has been eliminated, lying and laughing at the Turkish people. Instead of heading to finding solutions inside Turkey, they go to increase the Turkish state's terrorism abroad, and more and more losses against the interest of the Turkish citizen.”

The differences are deeper between the regional powers

Regarding the results of this visit, Perry explained, “I think that there will not be any positive results expected according to Turkish thinking. Of course, no one is against having economic and water agreements, because, quite simply, they may be in the interests of the peoples of this region. Nevertheless, the first and last goal of the visit remains fighting the Kurds. Was Erdogan able to bring his allies to fight the Kurds? I think he did not get any positive answer from either party, whether it was the Arab party in Baghdad or the Kurdish party in Hewler, because the situation in Iraq simply does not allow the Iraqi state to fight the Kurds. The Kurdistan Workers' Party, especially since they are holed up in remote areas and in areas that the Iraqi army had not previously reached when it was at the height of its power, let alone today, when it has turned into a sectarian army and militias and is controlled by countries from abroad."

He added, "So, the issue remains: Is there a Turkish-Iranian agreement to fight the PKK? I think this has not happened yet, not because the Iranian side refuses to fight the PKK, but because there are differences between the Turkish and Iranian sides, especially in Syria and how to divide... The cake is between them. The Turkish side did not adhere to its promises in the Sochi and Astana talks, and this is what the Iranian side accuses of it. Also, the differences between them may be on the ideological side, as each party claims that it is the one who leads the Muslims, one on the Shiite side and the other on the Sunni side.”

He pointed out, "At the strategic level, they also have agreements. They always agree on the Kurdish people, but each of them has its own internal circumstances. Today, they cannot fight the Kurdistan Workers' Party because of the strength, influence and presence of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, not only in the four parts of Kurdistan, but on the global level." Because he has friends and diplomats who move in all directions and with all countries, in the last ten years there has been a positive trend towards diplomatic and political solutions by conveying the voice of the Kurds to world public opinion. The two parties cannot agree, and if we talk now, they cannot fight the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Hewler is not far from Turkey's ambitions

As for the Kurdish side, according to Perry, “there are deep differences, but in the end they realize that after ending the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Turkey will have the upper hand inside the region. The Turks publicly declare that this is Turkmenistan and this is Turkish territory, and at the time of the referendum the Turkish side spoke of Barzani as a leader clan, meaning a diminutive of the Southern Kurdistan region and the person of Masoud Barzani, and all those words are still engraved in the memory of the Iraqi Kurds, and they will not forget such matters easily, and they even repeated that during the visit that took place.”

He added, "Unfortunately, the Turkish flag was raised over Hewler Castle, which is one of the most important landmarks of the city, as the Turkish press began saying, 'This is our sacred flag in our Turkmen city,' and they do not mention the word Kurds and Kurdistan. The Kurds there are well aware of this matter. There is a point that must be pointed out, which is that ( The Southern Kurdistan Region) KRG does not declare or talk about positions publicly in this way, because of Turkey’s economic pressures and the region’s foreign and economic policy, which has serious mistakes, as Turkey controls the economy in the region, and this is a major disaster that they must pay attention to in the future and at least have economic freedom.”

Many goals: eliminating the Kurds and cutting the road between Syria and Iraq

Regarding the Turkish goals of the threats, Perry said: “If they were able to eliminate the Kurds today, they will do it, if they were able to do it yesterday, they will do it, and if they can do it tomorrow, they will do it. All of these threats are not only against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Guerilla forces, but also against the Kurdistan Regional Government in a hidden way. Because the Turkish dream is to reach Şengal and cut the road between southern Kurdistan, northern and eastern Syria, and western Kurdistan, to separate that region as the only economic outlet to northern and eastern Syria, because the official crossings are still closed. The Turkish dream and his goal is how to reach Şengal, and here it is, as the colloquial proverb says Two birds with one stone, which is cutting off the road between the Syrian and Iraqi sides in order for Turkey to control this corridor, and also for there to be land communication with the Iraqi side that does not pass through the South Kurdistan region, so that the region does not benefit from the crossings it has, specifically the Ibrahim Al-Khalil crossing.

He added, "Turkey wants to have a land road linking to Mosul and from there to all of Iraq and then to the Gulf so that it will be a passage to Europe. This is what was signed through preliminary agreements between the State of Iraq, Turkey, Qatar and the Emirates. This is the second project because the first was Saudi, passing through the Mediterranean Sea." Within the peace agreements that had their beginnings and were not completed due to the Gaza War.” Believing that "this project will also not see the light. It may take many years. Perhaps it will require a change in Turkey's internal policies for this project to see the light, because it will be forced into Kurdish lands, whether in southern, western, or northern Kurdistan. Failure to find a solution to the Kurdish issue means It will not be the path of development that they are talking about because there is an alternative path that also needs Arab-Israeli peace in order to be achieved.”

The solution is to negotiate with Leader Abdullah Ocalan

The head of the Kurds Without Borders Center sent a message to Baghdad and Hewler, saying: “In fact, what I want to say is a message to the Kurdish and Arab sides in Iraq. A rogue state like Turkey has not respected the sovereignty of your state and only recognizes the logic of force, and has been violating Iraqi airspace for years and killing Iraqi civilians.” Whether Kurds or Arabs, the region is famous for incidents at summer resorts, and more than once civilians and vacationers were victims and targeted by Turkey, by requesting support from the Kurdish and Arab side in Iraq to fight the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. It wants to end the party first and Iraq’s sovereignty second, specifically the sovereignty of the Southern Kurdistan region, which is still there. The Turkish state considers it a state belonging to it, and even within the Turkish budget there is a golden lira as a budget for the state of Mosul, which includes the entirety of Southern Kurdistan.”

He added, "There is a point that I want to shout and announce. It is true that the Kurdistan Workers' Party and the Guerrilla forces are defending themselves in the first place, but in the end they are defending Iraq, whether it is the Southern Iraqi Kurdistan region or the sovereignty of Iraqi lands, which is the first line of defense, the point of strength, and the basic pillar in thwarting... The plans and policies of the Turkish state: You must support this party, support these forces, and pressure the Turkish state to enter into direct negotiations with the leaders of this party, through the imprisonment of Imrali with the leader Abdullah Ocalan, in order for there to be a comprehensive political solution within Turkey, and the outcome will have consequences for all neighboring countries That there be a just solution to the Kurdish issue so that the people of the region can enjoy prosperity and enjoy their country’s goods and not go in favor of war and terrorist takfiri agendas represented by Turkish President Erdogan now.”

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