Turkey's municipal election results shake Erdogan's pillars; fascist regime-Hevidar khaled

Turkey's municipal election results shake Erdogan's pillars; fascist regime-Hevidar khaled
9 April 2024   08:01

The results of the municipal elections held on 31 March last in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey constituted a strong blow to Erdogan and his party, the AKP, and received a painful blow by losing in many city municipalities to the opposition to chart the course of events for us the beginning of a serious phase not only in Turkey but in the whole region.

Since assuming power in Turkey in 2003, Turkish regime President Recep Erdogan has used his position to serve his agendas, succeeding in changing the regime from parliamentary to presidential, giving him considerable powers to control all parts and branches of the country, particularly at the foreign policy level; During his era, Turkey has been engaged in a number of regional conflicts. and worked hard to restore the Ottoman Empire in its new dress, by interfering in the political affairs of neighbouring States to destabilize security and stability in the region, and has already begun to hostile neighbouring States in particular with regard to relations with Syria, Iraq and Egypt during the Brotherhood's rule of Egypt, Libya, too, has stepped up its interventions to the international level, interfering in the affairs of States such as Greece, Cyprus and the East Mediterranean.

More than 20 years ago, Erdogan sought power to achieve his interests by force through the policy of evasion of obligations and evasion lie, deceit, and through his intervention in Syria, he was able to occupy more of its territory and destroy infrastructure in dozens of villages and cities he controlled. Besides, the West and the European Union have blackmailed the paper of Syrian refugees who opened doors at the start of the crisis in the country in 2011, repeatedly threatening to open his country's borders for Syrian refugees to enter Europe and has already secured large sums of money estimated at 3 billion euros from Europe on the pretext of providing them to Syrian refugees.

The policies led by Erdogan, which many described as too dangerous, affected the region and the Turkish interior in particular, Especially on the mood of the Turkish voter, who no longer trusts Erdogan's promises and his projects in addition to Erdogan's direct support for terrorist organizations and groups, and Turkey's transformation into a hotbed for more than ten years In addition, the young emerging group began to change directions after realizing that Erdogan was taking the Islamic tide to achieve his goals and interests, in terms of restoring the dreams of the Ottoman Empire; Thus, in these elections, the Turkish voter expressed his opinion, his indignation and anger at his wrong policy against the people of Turkey, in particular the Kurdish people; They didn't vote for him.

Turkey's municipal elections for Erdogan were both a shock and a terrifying earthquake. In addition, this is what Erdogan acknowledged live, and he acknowledged his loss and that of his party. Overwhelmingly, after Turkey's opposition won most of the municipalities of major cities, which includes Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Adana and Antalya, there are, of course, ranges of reasons for Erdogan's loss. Economic crisis, poor economic situation and high inflation rates the inflation rate has exceeded sixty-eight percent and the unemployment phenomenon has worsened, In addition to the unprecedented depreciation of the Turkish lira, as well as the high purchasing power in the Turkish market, All these data prompted the Turkish voter to lose Erdogan and his party in this elections  and his party Justice and Development Party in front of Turkish public opinion.

Yes, the Turkish regime led by Erdogan in Turkey has entered political ageing and Erdogan's grip on the regime became weak, which escalated the fragility of his regime, especially after defections in his ranks. and defected some politicians close to him and formed political parties, such as Fateh Arbakan's new welfare party Justice and Development Party (AKP), one of the key allies in the past parliamentary and presidential elections, The Future Party, founded by former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu and the Party of Democracy and Progress founded by Ali Babajan, and all these parties wearing the cloak of the Islamic Movement has had a very significant impact on what happened in the local elections, despite his long time in power

The President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, used his powers to appoint members of his family and relatives to important and sensitive positions in the government, appointed his in-laws to senior political positions, both in the security services and in official economic positions, and Erdogan's son himself held a major role in making political deals with other countries covered by economic deals.

With the loss of Turkey's five largest major cities, Erdogan lost a large portion of the country's economy, which is suffering mainly from a major economic crisis, which was a major reason why AKP was exposed to this electoral earthquake and thus lost nearly half of Turkey.

According to the views of all analysts and specialists in regional affairs, the Turkish regime is in a difficult situation. It is in its final stages, as the results of the recent elections in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan have shown clearly and explicitly. Erdogan's popularity has fallen dramatically, thus failing his own project in the region to expire. Having committed war crimes and masscres against humanity under the cloak of religion, he practised gangs against the people this totalitarian dictatorship based on one person and detailed by Erdogan on its size, He used all the games and political papers to prolong the life of his regime, in which everything became public; He could no longer prolong his life; He lost all the papers he used, unless he tried to manipulate the Constitution in order to give himself new powers and powers in the coming period.

Since taking power, Erdogan has dealt with the Kurdish people with a lot of political violence. Moreover, with a great security grip, this is evident in the events in the Kurdish city of Wan just a day after the elections. and attempted to exclude the co-chair of Wan Abdullah Zidane, who won the will and votes of his people that won victory over Erdogan's fascism, However, the Kurdish people rose up against Erdogan's policies until they re-gained their right again. Erdogan did not enjoy the overwhelming victory of the Kurdish people by obtaining 75 municipalities in Northern Kurdistan, so he tried to suppress them but received another slap and could not achieve his fascist racist policy.

The Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan have demonstrated their will in the electoral process the organized people can break down all the barriers of fear, terror and intimidation created by their enemy, they again expressed with relentless intent their indignation at the policies, conspiracies and tricks through which Erdogan tried to regain his control and prestige, which he lost irreversibly proves to all that Erdogan's unlawful violations and unethical practices, He cannot eliminate a people with a long history of struggle and resistance, as easily as he claims on all occasions.

T/ Satt.