​​​​​​​AANES: Assassinating Sheikh of Al-Agaidat clan is malicious agendas to charge SDF

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, AANES said: "The aim of the cowardly terrorist act that targeted the Sheikh of Al-Agaidat clan in Deir ez-Zor is for malicious goals, agendas, and create discord between the components." It accused the hostile entities of the AANES project of the assassination for mixing the cards and try to accuse the AANES and the SDF.

In its statement on its official Facebook page, the AANES noted that this terrorist act is targeting all components of northeast Syria, and a desperate and cowardly attempt to strike at the method of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples in the areas of the AANES to create discord and destabilize security and stability.

The text of the statement reads:

"At a time when the Syrian Democratic Forces are carrying out the second stage of the process of Counter-Terrorism in Deir ez-Zor to root out ISIS cells, the hostile agendas to the AANES based on the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence between, Arabs, Kurds and Syrians which led to the arrest of many members of these cells. These terrorist targeted the car of the most prominent Arab clan in Deir ez-Zor, Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil Jadaan Al-Hafel, the Sheikh of the Al-Agaidat tribe, which led to the martyrdom of Sheikh Al-Mutasher Humoud Jadaan Al-Hafel who was accompanying him and Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Hafel was wounded, while the terrorists escaped.

The AANES at the time it extends its sincere condolences to our people from the family of the indigenous AL-Agaidat, and to the generous family of hafel for the martyrdom of Sheikh Al-Muthar Al-hafel. Our wishes go for health and safety to Sheikh Ibrahim Al-hafel, the sheikh of Al-Agaidat. It condemns and denounces this cowardly terrorist act that targets the lives of Syrians to achieve malicious goals and agendas to create discord between the components and accelerate some entities hostile to the project of administration, those parties that are still messing around and draining the blood of the Syrians to mix the cards and accuse the administration and the SDF.

We also affirm at the same time that this terrorist act is targeting all components of northern and eastern Syria. It is a desperate and cowardly attempt to strike the coexistence and brotherhood of peoples in the AANES areas of northeast Syria to create discord and destabilize security and stability.

These cowardly acts are not new. These black, paid hands have used this method several times in Al-Raqqa by targeting one of the symbols of the Al-Afadalah clan, Sheikh Bashir Faisal Al-Huwaidi, and the sheikh of the Bou-Assaf clan, Sheikh Obaid Al-Khalaf Al-Hassan. Now in Deir ez-Zor, they target the prominent national figures, but the state of awareness and coexistence has failed and all these malicious plans and those behind them.

The AANES's military and security forces are determined to eradicate all these foci wherever they exist. People in northeast of Syria pledged that they will continue to work on the unity of the components of the people, which is the basis on which we are working to transfer Syria to a decentralized democratic state, which preserves the rights of all its components. It will not let this cowardly act pass without the perpetrators knowing, holding them accountable and bringing them to the concerned authorities so that they receive their fair punishment. "

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