Iran ... a mysterious explosion targeting western Kermanshah

Iranian media have reported an explosion in the western Kermanshah region, as part of a series of mysterious explosions that targeted the country during the past weeks.

The nature of the explosion and its consequences and the number of injuries have not been known yet, while the agency "ISNA" says that the fire occurred due to the explosion of trucks loaded with fuel.

For its part, "Iran International" website published a video circulated on Iranian social networking sites, showing a huge fire in a fuel depot in the industrial zone in the town of "Dolotabad" in Kermanshah province, and shows the flames of fire burning and thick smoke billowing.

It is noteworthy that since late June, a series of fires and explosions were announced in military, industrial and nuclear sites, as well as oil refineries, power plants, factories and companies.

It is reported that recently, at least 14 explosions and fires occurred in Iranian sites, as the country witnessed a series of "mysterious" incidents, which affected nuclear and military installations, the most important of which was the explosion of the "Khijir" missile base east of Tehran near the Barchin military site, Last June 26, as well as targeting centrifuges to enrich uranium at the Natanz facility in Isfahan on July 2.

Recent satellite imagery also revealed that the explosion, which occurred on the morning of Friday, July 10, in the Ghamdarra region, west of Tehran, targeted an Air Force base of the Revolutionary Guards.

Pictures taken by Planet Labs showed that fires erupted in an area of ​​22,000 square meters at the site.

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