Iraqi airstrikes kill 7 ISIS mercenaries north of Baghdad

7 ISIS mercenaries, including a leading figure were killed in two air strikes in Salahudin province, north of the capital, Baghdad.

 Iraqi airstrikes kill 7 ISIS mercenaries north of Baghdad
23 June 2024   10:49

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced the elimination of a cell of ISIS mercenaries, including a leading figure, and the destruction of the cell's hideouts east of Salahudin province.

" The Iraqi Air Force carried out two air strikes using F-16 on ISIS hideouts and a tunnel which led to the killing of all members of the terrorist detachment, according to preliminary information their number is estimated at 7 terrorists, including a leading figure" according to the Iraqi Joint Operations Command statement.

The statement added: “Based on the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces regarding the importance of coordinating security and intelligence work, and under the supervision and planning of the Joint Operations Command, the Iraqi National Intelligence Service, in conjunction with the Counter-Terrorism Units, carried out a qualitative operation based on accurate information on a terrorist cell  the mountains.” Balkana, Tuz Khurmato district, within the eastern Salahudin province.