Freedom fighters in Matina Mountains teach Turkish state lessons of resilience, resistance - Havidar Khalid

Freedom fighters in Matina Mountains teach Turkish state lessons of resilience, resistance - Havidar Khalid
28 May 2024   04:10

The name Matina has captured the headlines of Kurdish, Arab and regional news and newspapers for some time and still maintains the same position in the press, after the major attack launched by the Turkish occupation state against Kurdistan Guerrilla fighters in the Matina Mountains in Southern Kurdistan.

The Matina region, or the Matina mountains, as everyone would like to call it, is an area with high mountain terrain and hard slopes, characterized by great strategic importance and an important place for the People's Defence Forces HPG, the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, and is equally important for the Turkish occupation army. Therefore, Turkey continues its brutal attacks against freedom fighters there, without stopping with a view to controlling this area, thus occupying it and establishing military bases in it to expand its influence.

Since the sixteenth of last April, the Turkish state has been targeting the Matina area, using various tactics in launching attacks on it, through drones and warplanes, and all types of heavy weapons, in an attempt to advance further and further, but the fighters of the People's Defense Forces were and still are the impenetrable dam in the face of these expansionist occupation attacks, after they made highest heroism and self-sacrifice in the face of this brutal military invasion. Yes, the Matina Mountains were strong in their prestige and majesty, and their brave fighters were on the lookout to teach their soldiers harsh lessons and inflict on them great losses. As is known and usual, it is in the language Arabic: Everything that is strong, solid, and stable is said to be solid, and here it is, as its name means in Arabic: solid, firm, and firm in the face of the attacks of the fascist Turkish occupation state.

Today's freedom fighters shine with their historical resistance in every moment they fight enemies in the mountains of Matina, which are difficult for every aggressor. They were like a solid structure holding each other together in the face of all the difficulties and hardships that came their way. They were united in the face of the Turkish attacks, not caring about the threats made by the Turkish officials. From time to time, with the aim of restricting them and frustrating them, but such people are far from giving up. They risk their lives every day, every minute, and every second, despite the difficult circumstances they endure, in order to achieve what they set out for.

A few days ago, I watched a video clip of a Guerrilla fighter fighting in the mountains of Kurdistan. She carried her weapon and her military bag with dignity, maintaining her calm smile under the harshest circumstances, and despite the lack of basic capabilities to sustain a normal life, she spoke in front of the camera with confidence and said: “The enemy is in everywhere, so resistance must also exist everywhere,” expressing with those words an encounter that must exist if a person wants to live in dignity. Yes, with those words, she expressed her resolve, determination, and insistence with her female companions and companions to continue the path of struggle and escalation of resistance. Which freedom fighters have been fighting tirelessly for many years in the face of the brutal enemy.

The freedom fighters of Kurdistan today have become a striking force to be reckoned with, and I do not believe that anyone in this vast world, regardless of their strength and capabilities, can stop this legendary resistance and prevent these heroes from defending their people, their land, and their just cause. As they have always proven through their continuous struggle that they have not and will not leave the Turkish state, which attacks the Kurds and deliberately kills and harms them without resistance, they will not leave it without a response to the violations it has committed against them in order to promote itself in front of the media, deceive the people in Turkey, and divert their attention from what is happening. There is a real decline inside the country at all levels.

Today, the resistance of the Guerrilla forces in Matina and the mountains of Kurdistan has shattered the myth that says: “Turkey will eliminate the Guerrilla forces in the mountains of Kurdistan and uproot them.” For Turkey, the matter has become like walking on a thin line in the citadels of resistance led by the heroes of the Kurdish people, because this the great sacrifices, and the blood that was shed in the Matina Mountains in Southern Kurdistan, were shed for the sake of the life we live today, not only in Kurdistan, but in the entire region. Therefore, we and every free person must not forget the great sacrifices made by our martyred comrades for the sake of all humanity, so that it may remain... The banner of victory is raised high always and forever, and may it remain strong and free with its beauty, prestige, and the greatness of its fighters, not accepting submission and surrender.

T/ Satt.