Iraqi political researcher confirms that the best solution is to expel Turkish ambassador

An Iraqi political researcher said that the absence of a response to the violations and infringements of Iraqi sovereignty emboldened the Turkish occupying forces, and called for the expulsion of the Turkish ambassador from Iraq in response to the continuation of those violations.

Iraqi political researcher confirms that the best solution is to expel Turkish ambassador
2 July 2024   04:10

Unusually, there is silence in the statements made by Iraqi officials regarding Turkey's violations of the sovereignty of Iraqi territory and Southern Kurdistan. The Turkish occupying forces have intensified their movements in Southern Kurdistan, increased their forces and occupied areas in this region, and set up roadblocks, emptied villages, and converted them into military zones and checkpoints.

In a statement to ANHA's agency, Iraqi political researcher Riyad al-Wahili considered the entry of the Turkish occupation army into Southern Kurdistan and the launch of attacks as flagrant aggression, a violation of Iraqi sovereignty, and a violation of international laws. Its ongoing attacks and intensification of its movements are a reversal of all agreements between the two countries concerning respect for sovereignty.

The researcher, who noted the continued intensification of attacks and occupation of Iraqi territory by the Turkish occupying forces, reiterated the lack of movement by the government of Iraq, the authorities in Southern Kurdistan, and the absence of serious positions to deter Turkey, saying: The absence of an official response, either from the central Iraqi government or the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to date, further perpetuates Turkey's violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

In the opinion of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the most appropriate solution for responding to these violations of Iraq's sovereignty by Turkey is for the Iraqi government to summon or expel the Turkish ambassador, to demand that the outsider withdraw, and to submit a note of protest to the United Nations Security Council.

Iraqi political researcher Riyad al-Wahili pointed out that the Turkish occupying forces were exploiting the variables in Iraq's political situation, as well as the apparent weakness of Iraq's foreign position, which was due to the existence of Sunni political blocs allied to Turkey.