In front of Russian headquarters.. people of affirm their resisting Turkish occupation

 The people of Qamishlo and Amuda protested today in front of the Russian headquarters in the two cities, denouncing the continued crimes of the Turkish occupation against north and east Syria, and affirmed their attachment to their land and resistance to the occupation.

 The crimes and attacks of the Turkish occupation state on northern and eastern Syria, and its continuous bombing of populated areas, and the silence of the "Russian guarantor" and the forces of the Damascus government towards them, provoke popular reactions.

 In protest against these crimes, hundreds of Qamishlo residents, political parties, women's movements and civil institutions gathered at Basel Roundabout, located on the southern belt in the city of Qamishlo, and headed to the headquarters of the Russian forces at Qamishlo International Airport, to denounce their silence on the crimes of the Turkish occupation and its attacks on northern and eastern Syria.

 Turkish attacks on the region escalated after the Sochi meeting on August 5, which brought together Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

 The protesters raised the flags of the Democratic Union Party, pictures of the leader Ocalan and banners that read "Erdogan fought", "Where is the conscience of humanity", "No to killing children", "You are partners in this labor."

After standing for a minute's silence,  In honor of the souls of the martyrs, the co-chair of the Martyrs’ Families Council, Masum Hassan, delivered a speech in which he praised the resistance of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria to preserve the gains of the revolution, “We will not fear death for the sake of a decent living, and defending our blessed land. Turkey’s attacks will not deter us from the resistance.”  ", stressing the need to escalate the struggle in the face of the Turkish occupation.

 After him, a delegation of protesters entered to deliver the message to the Russian forces in the Russian base in Qamishlo. Upon his exit, the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party in Qamishlo, Masoud Daoud, made it clear that they demanded the Russian forces to put an end to the crimes and attacks of the Turkish occupation on northern and eastern Syria.


 In Amuda district of Qamishlo canton, the National Unity parties organized today a demonstration to condemn the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the area, and the targeting of citizens by drones.  Dozens of residents of the district, political parties and civil institutions participated in the demonstration.

  The demonstrators raised the flags of Kongra Star, the Council of Martyrs' Families and the Democratic Union Party, pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and placards that read, "Russia must fulfill its promise by stopping Turkish violations on our lands," "If Turkey does not stop its massacres against civilians, this means that Russia agrees with it."  “We the peoples of Syria aim above all for the security and territorial integrity of Syria,” “Russia is responsible for Turkish violations through its bombing of civilians,” “Russia should clearly clarify its position regarding the massacres committed by Turkey against civilians.”

 The demonstration started from in front of Şengal Square to the headquarters of the Russian relations located in the south of the district, amid chanting slogans saluting the heroism of the martyrs and the resistance of the people of Rojava.

 After standing for a minute of silence, a statement addressed to the Russian representation in north and east Syria was read by a member of the Left Party, Ghada Ahmed.

 He stated at the beginning, "Recently, the Turkish state launched attacks on northern and eastern Syria, targeting civilians through drones and heavy artillery, and as the Russian state is the guarantor in the region, it must clarify its position on these attacks."

 The statement continued, "As we all know, there were agreements between all the guarantor countries, Russia and America, in 2019. They and Turkey agreed on a ceasefire, but they committed massacres against defenseless citizens."

 The Russian forces and the Damascus government forces had deployed along the lines of contact with the Turkish occupation and its mercenary groups in October 2019 as guarantor forces;  After the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces, 32 km into the depth of Syrian territory, to remove Turkish pretexts.

"The attacks of the Turkish occupation increase our determination to install on our land"


 The statement added, "In the recent period, the Turkish state committed several massacres against civilians, during which children, women and the elderly were martyred, and this means that the Turkish state targets all the peoples of the region, not just the Kurdish people, and the evidence for this is that there are martyrs from the Arab brothers and other peoples."

 The statement demanded, "We, the national unity parties, demand first of all from the Russian state, as it is responsible for protecting the Syrian borders and the region, to stop these attacks and to impose a comprehensive air embargo on the region."

 The statement stressed that the attacks increase the people's insistence on clinging to the land and resistance. The statement stressed, "We will not stand idly by against these attacks."

 After completing the reading of the statement, the National Unity Parties delivered a letter to the headquarters of Russian relations.



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