DA of Autonomous Administration: We count on our people and our forces to repel any attacks

 Zaidan Al-Assi explained that the Turkish occupation state is exploiting the dispersal of the international community at the present time, and its goal of attacks and threats is to strike the Autonomous Administration project, and stressed that they are counting "on our people to continue to stand with the Syrian Democratic Forces, and our forces are ready to repel any threat or attacks."

The Turkish occupation state continues to threaten the north and east of Syria with occupation, with false pretexts and allegations, aimed at occupying new parts of the Syrian lands, in light of the silence of the "guarantor states" of the cease-fire in the region, which will cause a humanitarian catastrophe targeting all the peoples of north and east Syria.

 In this regard, our agency met the co-chair of the Defense Authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Zaidan Al-Asi, who said, "Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish occupation state has escalated its threats to Syria in general, and to northeastern Syria in particular, after its liberation from ISIS."

 Al-Assi added, "Turkey wants to thwart the project of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, by all military, economic and political means and dismantling society, and it is trying to destabilize the security of the Autonomous Administration, because it is a foreign body for dictatorial and tyrannical regimes, whether from within or from neighboring countries. In the forefront of which is the Turkish occupation state.

He noted, "The Turkish threats came in difficult circumstances, in light of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the international community's preoccupation with this war, as Turkey exploits these circumstances to carve out new lands from the Syrian geography."

 Al-Assi continued saying, "When Turkey threatens north and east Syria, it uses ISIS cells and armed terrorist cells affiliated with it in north and east Syria, in undeclared cooperation with the Syrian interior, especially the Syrian regime."

 SDF adhered to the cease-fire agreements

 Al-Assi pointed out that the goal of these threats and attacks is to occupy new lands, contrary to what Turkey claims about its "national security."  This statement is not accurate.  There are understandings between the Syrian Democratic Forces and Turkey through the Russians and the Americans, and the Syrian Democratic Forces have adhered to all the agreements.

"The troops have been withdrawn from border and withdrawn heavy weapons, but Turkey has not adhered to the agreements Russian and American, have no packets to stop Turkey for these abuses." "If we talk about Turkey and its security, Turkey intervenes in Libya, Africa, Tunisia and Azerbaijan," he asked "Is there a Libyan threat to Turkey's national security." It is arguments and vicinity, and exploit the current international circumstance; Self and occupation of these areas. " Zidane al-Assi said that "when it was an ineffective in all regions adjacent to Turkey; Turkey has not come to protect its national security, but when the AANES was formed in the north and eastern Syria; Turkey has begun to be caused by its national security. Note that Syria's democratic forces have not launched a single bullet towards Turkish territory." "Turkey targets the region in a permanent heavy weapons and the paths, and finally targeted Joint Vice President of the Executive Board of AANES. We count on our people.

Zaidan Al-Assi made it clear that for there to be real democracy and equality among all the peoples of the region, the people of the region and its people must be relied upon.

 Zaidan Al-Assi stated, "The Autonomous Administration is the best in all Syrian sites, whether it is in the regime's areas or in the areas occupied by Turkey. The peoples of the region gather around the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces to defend every inch of this land."

 Zaidan Al-Assi concluded his speech by saying, "We count on our people to continue to stand with the Syrian Democratic Forces, and our forces are ready to repel any threat or attacks on north and east Syria."



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