Turkish reconnaissance planes bomb civilians in Makhmur camp - UPDATED

Reconnaissance aircraft of the Turkish occupation army bombed the martyr Rustem Judy camp, "Makhmour Camp", and the bombing was on the camp’s residents, who were grazing their livestock in the vicinity of the camp, there are reports of martyrs and wounded.

Roj News reported that, according to the information they obtained, reconnaissance planes belonging to the Turkish occupation army bombed, at 13:10, the vicinity of the martyr camp Rustum Judi "Makhmour Camp", in which the camp residents graze their livestock.

According to the agency, preliminary information indicates that there are martyrs and wounded as a result of the bombing, and it is expected that the camp administration will later make a statement to the public about the bombing and its results.

It is reported that the place that was bombed was also previously bombed, which resulted in martyrs and wounded among the civilians living in the camp.


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