Professor Al-Alusi calls on Arabs, Kurds to establish strategic alliance

 Prof. Dr. Tayseer Abdul-Jabbar Al-Alusi stressed that any reluctance by international organizations concerning the use of chemical weapons against the Kurds is a complicity in the crime. He pointed out that the strategic alliance between the Arabs and the Kurds in a confederation between the two nations, remains the most effective way to confront complex challenges.

 Prof. Dr. Tayseer Abdul-Jabbar Al-Alusi, Secretary-General of the Arab Gathering in Support of the Kurdish Cause, explained that international law is firm and decisive in defining weapons, prohibiting them and banning them completely, but the problem lies with what governs international relations and the implementation of the terms of agreements, covenants and international laws.  What restricts this approach from the short-sighted expediency (political) conditions!

Professor Al-Alusi explained that Erdogan, who behaves like an Ottoman sultan is the fiercest enemy of European philosophy and democracy with his crimes against the Kurds.

 Dr. Al-Alusi’s statements came during a dialogue with our agency, where he stressed the need to establish an Arab-Kurdish alliance, and made an appeal to the Arab-Kurdish liberation forces, to the leaders of the Arab League and the Middle Eastern regional institutions, and called them to look deeply into the issue, not with a tactics perspective, rather with a strategic logic that reads the facts, with their dangers and threats, and draws what has been confirmed by the course of thousands of years of the meanings of the Arab-Kurd strategic alliance.

 The following is the text of the interview:

 * Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the Kurds have been oppressed by successive Turkish regimes, amid regional and international silence. On the other hand, the Kurds are waging a bitter struggle to obtain their rights.  How do you evaluate the struggle of the Kurds?

Among the most prominent struggles of peoples for freedom, was the struggle of the Kurds with all their peoples, precisely with this background the promises of international conferences and agreements regarding the response to the demand that quickly evaporated with subsequent agreements, at the beginning of the last century, for the sake of the game  International politics and known pressures!

 However, the national liberation struggle of the Kurds did not link their lofty human movement to any regional or international positions, Rather, it remained heroic in adhering to the right to self-determination on the one hand, and to all the rights and freedoms that called for it to revolt against those who usurped its independent authority.

 From here, the awareness of the Kurds in Turkey and elsewhere has reached such maturity that it was able to record the titles of his revolutions in bold, and etch its name ontologically in his land as long as all the campaigns (genocide) to which it was exposed, could not annihilate it.  The world of the Kurds is not only their heroic sacrifices on the path to freedom, but the episodes of the march of clinging and adhering to the values ​​of identity that extend deep into human history.

The Kurdish national liberation movement remains one of the most visible liberation movements of our time, both in its character and in the course of its struggle based on meeting fixed strategic demands.

 The success and crowning of this struggle is based on the necessity of unity in the Kurdish National Congress, and in a combative front with clear programs that do not slip into any attempt by the enemies of the Kurds to tear apart its strong, powerful fighting force.. the enemies target all the Kurdish liberation struggle factions, even if those malicious forces showed their closeness to a faction.  This is to break ranks and facilitate the scandalous extermination attempts.

 We, the supporters of the just Kurdish cause, are sure of the victory of their cause, its protectors, and the torchbearers of liberation in it.

 * The Turkish occupation state has used internationally prohibited and chemical weapons against the Kurds in Afrin, Tal Abyad and Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain, and now, against the fighters of the People's Defense Forces in southern Kurdistan, but the concerned organizations are silent. In your opinion, why?

 International law is firm and decisive in defining these weapons, prohibiting them and banning them completely and permanently, but the problem is not in international law and its well-known treaties, but in what governs international relations and the implementation of the terms of international agreements, covenants and laws, and the short-sighted (political) conditions that restrict this approach!!

 Here we must point out the reality of what international parties tried to impose in the background of their attempt to contain the Turkish (regime), and at its head (Erdogan), who behaves as if he was an Ottoman sultan from the time of that state that rotted, and aspires to restore it at the expense of the freedom of nations and peoples.. While we see  silence and negativity towards it from more than one international party, under the illusion that they will attract him to a (European) philosophy. He is the most staunch enemy of that philosophy, whether with his hostility to democracy or his suppression of rights and freedoms, or his crimes against the Kurds.

Hence, the international community, the protectors of international peace and security, the Security Council and the attached legal formations, such as the Criminal Court, must pay attention to the danger of a new fascism that will not stop at the limits of the Kurds’ repression by the prohibited prohibited weapons, and even threatens the world;  Because whoever reaches these levels of criminality will not be deterred, as human experiences are, except by a firm international stance towards the weapons prohibited by international law, because of their annihilation meaning and their stabbing the security and safety of civilians!

 * The Kurdistan community has demanded several times the necessity of sending a fact-finding committee to investigate Turkey’s use of chemical weapons, but the organizations concerned have not done a thing so far. Does this failure make them a partner in the crimes committed by Turkey?

International responsibility requires stopping the negativity that risks the fate of peace and security, just as the speed of interaction requires sending responsible and high-level UN investigation committees that can expose what is going on.

 And legally, any reluctance in this is a participation in the crime, whether it is with its direct effects, geographically, its occurrence and perpetration, or with its meanings towards human existence and the future of peace guaranteed by law.

 From here, political manipulation to obscure what is being committed by any background are no longer possible, especially with the complexity of the conflict structure between Erdogan’s regime, which is approaching the international zero hour to declare its authority again and of course its fascist brotherhood philosophy with its identity, and then which intends to target the world with wars of extermination and total destruction!  Is it conceivable to continue turning a blind eye to maneuvering with such a regime!?  Or is it necessary to hasten to take a decision, especially with the implications of the use of actually prohibited weapons!!?

 Finding the means to convey the voice to the international bodies has become another responsibility in the liberation struggle in Turkey. It begins with demands to cancel the (terrorist) characterization of the liberation struggle and does not stop at the frontiers of re-diagnosing who is the terrorist in light of the heavier terrorist crimes actually committed, i.e. the crimes of genocide.  !!

 *Turkey uses chemical weapons against the Kurds on the one hand, attacks their lands, occupies and dispaces them, and changes the demographics of their regions on the one hand, and throws Kurdish politicians in Turkey in detention, and imposes guardianship on the municipalities they won in the elections on the other hand. Is terrorism limited to ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra only? Isn't what Turkey doing is state terrorism?

Exactly, as stated here in the content of the question that exposes the crimes committed while the gates are open between crimes against humanity, including murder and assassination and/or confiscation of political rights and bringing about demographic change openly during the day, which was documented by the peoples of the region and transmitted by more than one incident to the concerned authorities  what requires persistence and follow-up so that those parties respond to the voice of the Kurdish people and share their struggle to remove all the darkness of Erdoganism and its tendencies that record (state terrorism) par excellence as defined by international humanitarian law and all relevant international covenants and agreements.. which requires an international legal position that curbs the brutality of these terrorist crimes  The state and whoever controls it in violation of all applicable laws and regulations.

 * The Kurds are fighting for their legitimate rights, and Turkey supports Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS and other terrorist organizations.  Which should be put on the list of terrorism, Turkey or the Kurdistan Workers' Party?

 This is the farce of the positions of (some) forces in turning a blind eye to what Erdogan’s authorities are doing, which is governed by international criminal laws and diagnosed by international laws with his terrorist region, if the truth is read as it occurs, and from here it is necessary to provide legal readings continuously and without stopping;  In order not to expose the crime and the criminal, and to stand before the International Court, as happened with others who committed the same crime against their people.

 The international position today imposes a serious position of high action, responsibility and realistic impact in the diagnosis according to the human experience with terrorism, and who commits it, especially the international definition of liberation movements and the right to self-determination, and who actually threatens the safety and security of peoples with his famous crimes.

 * What is required of the Kurds and Arabs now in order to deter the Turkish attacks against the region?

Now, the issue of (struggle unity) with a broad international front and a confederation combines the popular and the official and is based on activation, because leaving the Kurds in any of the four regions of Kurdistan alone threatens everyone and the chain of conflict episodes!

 The fact that matters remain without priority in the Arab-Kurdish action opens the way for more sabotage by regional parties led by the Iranian and Turkish-Erdogan roles, and the reality is that what happened to Syria and Iraq is taking place with barbaric Turkish support for the monsters of ISIS and other terrorism.

 The Turkish forces publish dozens of illegal bases and violate Iraqi sovereignty as well as the sovereignty of Syria, but in essence there is targeting of the Kurds, Kurdistan with its divisions, and the Kurdish liberation movement!

 Therefore, it is necessary to hold a strategic conference with the objectives of building the foundations of the Kurdish-Arab alliance quickly, without hesitation or delay, and its essence would be a confederation that carries the hopes of the peoples of the region and the means to protect their sovereignty, not only targeted, but violated in the foreground to eliminate it existentially.

 Did you get the message?!  My call to the Arab-Kurdish liberation forces, and my call to the leaders of the Arab League and the Middle Eastern regional institutions, to rise to the level of responsibility and look deeply into the matter, not in terms of tactics, immediate interests, and policy courtesies regionally and internationally, but rather with a strategic logic that reads the facts as they are, their dangers and threats, and draws what I have confirmed.  A journey of thousands of years from the meanings of the Arab-Kurdish strategic alliance.

 We in the Arab Gathering in Support of the Kurdish Cause reiterate our firm positions in solidarity and in carrying the torch of this strategic alliance, entitled peaceful coexistence among peoples, ensuring the right of self-determination, ensuring the protection of all our peoples, and securing regional and international peace and security, starting with exposing the forces of terrorism and those who support them and defeating their projects based on  The dismantling of the struggle movement and the disruption of peoples, which we will not allow, which confirms that the peoples are the victors of peace, freedom and emancipation.

 Let me emphasize that some of the ongoing conflicts are the result of the gradual gradation of hostile forces in their effectiveness, as they hide behind fabricated facts and events, but they try to reap from provoking discord, and for this we must pay attention to what may be mistakes, even partial scattered, here or there, in order to prevent the exploitation of those  The tense positions of powerful goals, whether Turkish Erdogan or Iranian militia, both of which today fuel their brutality by moving forward with their crimes, but the unity of the Kurds first and their alliance with the Arabs is the way of strategic consideration.

 I thank you for this coverage, and for walking the path of diagnosing and exposing the crime, and for presenting this as a document to the relevant international bodies in the interest of reassuring peace and the right of peoples to emancipation and the practice of democratic life, not by the allegations and maneuvers that Erdogan and his terrorist Janissary forces make, but rather in terms of restoring rights and freedoms, the first of which is the right to self-determination  guaranteed in international laws and covenants.

 I salute my Kurdish friends, and I have always been honored to hold the Medal of Friendship of the Kurdish People, and in my name and on behalf of the Arab Gathering in Support of the Kurdish Cause, I affirm the deep solidarity with our Kurdish people and their struggles for peace and freedom and to defeat terrorism and its criminals who commit crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide and use prohibited weapons that are internationally and internationally prohibited.



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