​​​​​​​Hawar news agency plan 5-21-2023

The youth of north and east Syria stressed the need to read the books and volumes of the leader Abdullah Ocalan to know the historical and cultural truth of the societies, and to confront the policies and attacks that target them (attached with photos and videos).

Kurdish writer and writer Arab Shammo, or as many consider him the spiritual father of Kurdish literature and novel. He was born in a harsh historical period for the Kurdish people, and he was forced to emigrate from his homeland, but he returned to the homeland again as a shepherd as well when he wrote his famous novel "The Kurdish Shepherd", the first novel in the Kurdish language (attached with pictures).

A journalist and civil activist explained that the policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party are hostile to the Kurdish people, and serve only the enemies, calling on the Kurds not to remain silent about the issue of the arrest of activist Azima Arson by the Kurdistan Democratic Party and to work for her release (attached with photos and videos).

The writer and teacher of the Kurdish language, Zozan Mohammad, embodies in her novels the suffering and resistance of the people, as she has 3 printed books and one in the process of printing, while she is working on writing two other books (with photos and videos attached).

Mahmoud al-Batakushi, a researcher on Turkish affairs, confirmed that Erdogan is facing difficult situations in the current elections, but he tried to buy votes through economic measures. In addition, he has cracked down on the opposition, and the media campaign is going in his favour. This may be reflected in the results of the second round, stressing that Erdogan's re-election will threaten security and stability in the region (photos attached).

Arab newspapers said that Syria's return to the Arab League is a political setback for Qatar and a sign of the erosion of its role in the region, while the Turkish elections have moved to another round that may not bring "happy endings" to the outgoing Turkish president, while ambiguity surrounds Bashagha's resignation from the post of prime minister in Libya (attached with pictures).

The co-chair of the Girê Spî Canton Council confirmed that the Turkish occupation intensified its bombing of the area during the harvest period, in an effort to prevent farmers from harvesting their agricultural crops, and that the threat to citizens' lives continues (attached with photos and videos).

The displaced from Afrin in al-Shahba stressed that their resistance will not be defeated through attacks and siege, and they also stressed the escalation of the struggle for the return to occupied Afrin (attached with photos and videos).

The people of Al-Shaddadi district in al-Hasakah canton will bid farewell to the body of the martyr Al-Muqat in the Syrian Democratic Forces, Ahmed Daham al-Saleh, in the shrine of the martyrs, at exactly 9:00 (attached with photos and video).

The people of Tal Hamis in Qamishlo canton are organizing a celebration on the occasion of the Kurdish Language Day in the village of Al-Saadiya, at 10:00 (attached with photos and videos).

The activities of the fourth Rojava recipient of fine art, which will be held in the Al-Furat Hall in the city of Kobani, continue on its second day, at 12:00 (attached with photos and videos).