Thomas Garrett: lies of Jawish Oglu cannot be refuted!

Shawish Oglu's statements about Turkey's ability to eliminate ISIS cannot be ignored, because the implementation process only done by changing clothes, as the US Congressman has pointed out.

Erdogan receives global terrorism leadership from IS under international legitimacy

With the imminent declaration of the total elimination over IS in their last stronghold in the north and east of Syria, at this stage, Erdogan is going to spoil the joy of victory and announce his acceptance of the leadership of global terrorism from the hands of IS who collapsed by declaring war on the forces that eliminated IS on behalf of the world. This time Erdogan is practicing terrorism under the cover of international legitimacy, employs the term of terrorism maliciously and sticks it to

Turkish plan ... A threat to US interests in East Euphrates

In a usual step, the Turkish state launched an artillery attack, accompanied by the firing of live buckshot on 28 November at the points of concentration of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and targeted the unarmed civilians' homes in Kobani and Tel Abyed (Girê Spî) directly. These attacks also targeted a fighter in the Self-Defense Duty and the child Sara, who is 12 years old, in addition to the injury of two journalists. Did those attacks come as a result of the outcome of the Quartet summit