PKK: We must make May revolutionary month that suits our martyrs

The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) recalled the martyrs of May, noting that no matter how efforts were made to fulfill the religion of the heroic martyrs and understand their truth, they remain a little in front of their greatness. It said, "Let us make the month of May a revolutionary month worthy of our martyrs and full of struggle and resistance to defeat the fascist mentality and genocide policy."

On the occasion of commemorating May martyrs, PKK’s Executive Committee issued a statement.

The statement included:

"We have received the month of martyrs, a new month of May and a free future for humanity under the threat of the new coronavirus attack, where the deadly epidemic spreads everywhere and causes a new massacre of humanity. There is no doubt that the coronavirus attack has emerged as a result of the attack launched by the capitalism modernity system on nature and society, and has become an integral part of the Third World War that we have been living in since thirty years. On this basis and while the chaos and crisis affecting capitalism deepen, some capitalist parties add additional profits to their capital, as the reactionary authoritarian, dictatorial and fascist regimes exploit the world's preoccupation with this deadly epidemic in order to prolong the life of their systems whose fall accelerated in the recent period. The capitalism modernity system which promised humanity of the absolute freedom has turned the world finally to a cell of humanity.

Day after day, the injustice and persecution of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement party in Turkey are increasing.

There is no doubt that the fascist Justice and Development Party - the National Movement Party is one of the dictatorships trying to extend its life on the basis of the massacre caused by the viruses of humanity, and Erdogan's dictatorship considers the epidemic of the coronavirus that kills the poor and needy as if it is "a blessing of God". On this basis, psychological warfare deepened in order to control the whole society; on the one hand, while concealing facts from society, and on the other hand, it tries to put the entire society under severe pressure and control through the campaign "Stay at Home" and impose various kinds of bans, as it tries hard to fill the state’s treasury again by organizing the support and assistance campaigns and obtaining the assistance.

The fascism, suppression and oppression of society by the Justice and Development Party - the National Movement Party are increasing day by day in Kurdistan and Turkey as a whole. In the early days of the spread of the coronavirus, the fascist government usurped the democratic municipalities in Kurdistan and appointed its proxies instead of the co-chairs elected democratically. In light of the spread of the deadly virus and its daily killing of hundreds of people, the fascist government enacted the "death law" by which it pardoned its supporters, removed them from prisons and kept the supporters of all anti-fascist forces in prisons, leaving them in a contagious environment facing a possible mass slaughter. This government is not trying to protect society and save people's lives, but rather seeks to increase its oppression, suppression and terror by benefiting from the spread of this deadly virus, just as this fascist regime does not hesitate to torture and kill the Kurdish people, and even to torture their dead and destroy their graves. It increases isolation and torture in Imrali, threatens the health and safety of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and tries to expand the fascist genocide war waged against Rojava and South of Kurdistan, and this fascist regime strengthens its attacks on the Freedom Movement by obtaining support from the United States of America and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

We have tried to develop the democratic alternative ...

We receive May which is the month of martyrs for our movement and our people, and on the basis of understanding and enlightening the truth of leadership and martyrdom, we can better realize the conditions surrounding us, and develop the struggle of freedom and democracy based on that. On May 1st, we celebrated the day of unity, solidarity, and struggle for workers and toilers, showed our anger at fascism and dictatorship, and struggled to find a democratic alternative. There is no doubt that we will continue in this position throughout May, participate in all activities and events based on understanding the truth of the martyrs, and continue to develop our struggle for freedom and democracy in each domain against the capitalist modernity system that produces the deadly virus and the fascist dictatorship.

Accordingly, we salute May; the month of the martyrs, and May 18th; the day of the martyrs on the forty-third anniversary of the martyrdom of the comrade Haqqi Qerar, about whom the leader Abdullah Ocalan said, "He was my secret spirit", and we commemorate him with respect, affection and gratitude, as we remember in his person a constellation of the martyrs of freedom who were martyred in May; the martyr Ramadan Qablan who was martyred with his group on the first of May 1985 in the Ghazran region, the martyr Mohammed Qara Songur and Ibrahim Bilgin who were martyred on May 2, 1983 in the Qandil mountains, the martyr Azad and Jakdar who were martyred In Amed region on May 2, 2016, in addition to the forty-eighth anniversary of the martyrdom of the vanguard of the Turkish revolutionaries Deniz Kazemish, Yusef Aslan and Hussein Enan on May 6, 1972, the martyrdom of Sherin al-Mahuli and her companions in Iran on May 9, 2010, and the memory of the martyrdom of Hozan Mezgin in Ghazran region on May 11, 1992. We renew our pledge to all the martyrs of freedom to follow in their footsteps, achieve their hopes and goals for freedom and defeat colonialism and fascism.

We know very well that we have the memory of thousands of heroic martyrs every day of the month of May, each of those martyrs represents a memorial to humanity, as the leader Ocalan says, "They are the living facts of our people and our humanity. They represent our past, our present and our future. They are the essence of free life, revolutionary struggle, courage and sacrifice. They are the main force that makes the PKK a leader and indomitable. They are the main source of strength and morale for us everywhere and anytime. They are our hero martyrs who defeated the fascist enemy and the policy of genocide and created an indomitable people. We owe them for everything, learned everything from them, and made all the accomplishments on this basis based on their inheritance and our continued awareness and organization. All the accomplishments of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan have been achieved by their struggles, their resistance and their sacrifices.

The revolutionary shift must be made to make the month of May suits the status of our martyrs

Therefore, whatever efforts we exert in order to pay the debt of the martyrs and understand their truth, they remain little before their greatness. On this basis, we must address the truth of martyrdom and the heroic martyrs on the forty-third anniversary of the day of the martyrs. It is necessary to protect the values ​​of martyrdom and martyrs on this basis. We must visit the shrines of martyrs everywhere and organize events to commemorate them, focus on understanding the truth of the martyrs, develop sincere criticism and self-criticism on the basis of the martyrs' line, purify ourselves and become honest nationalists and strugglers. We must make the month of May a revolutionary month that is worthy of our martyrs, and full of struggle and resistance to defeat the fascist mentality and the policy of genocide.

And do not forget that the truth of martyrdom and martyrs is what guides us on the right path in every place and time. The truth of martyrs is that which overcomes difficulties. As in the past, today also this fact maintains its credibility more than ever, so we will learn from the truth of martyrs ways and methods of effective and correct struggle against the fascism of the Justice and Development Party - the National Movement Party, this fascism that tries to survive and extend its life by exploiting the spread of the deadly Corona epidemic. We will develop the struggle that leads us to victory on the path of our hero martyrs.

On this basis, we commemorate once again the month of martyrs, as well as the forty-third anniversary of the day of the martyrs, remember our martyrs; Haqqi and Mohammed Qara Songur and Hozan Mezgin, and bow to the memory of all the heroic freedom martyrs. On the occasion of May, the month of martyrs, we call for all the party comrades, our national people and revolutionary democratic forces to focus more on the truth of the martyrs, more accurately understand our martyrs and achieve success in practice on this basis.

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