Young girl torture sparks outrage wave in Idlib 

A video showing the torture of a young girl in the Turkish-occupied countryside of Idlib has ignited widespread anger among social media users and local residents.

Young girl torture sparks outrage wave in Idlib 
19 June 2024   13:11

A wave of anger spread across virtual social media platforms due to a circulated video documenting a man violently torturing a young girl in the town of Al-Foua in the Turkish-occupied countryside of Idlib.

Ibrahim Sheikho, member of the Afrin Human Rights Organization - Syria, posted a video on his Facebook account showing a man beating a young girl. The child’s legs are tied to the edge of a bed, and her hands are bound behind her back. The man strikes her on the legs with a stick and forces her to count each blow (1, 2, 3...).

In his post, Sheikho identified the man torturing the child as "Ahmad Ibrahim Nasr," a settler in Al-Foua who originally hails from the village of Al-Ataybah in the Damascus countryside. He added that after the incident, the child was taken to a relative's house in Turkish-occupied Afrin.

Sheikho called on relevant authorities and human rights organizations to intervene in this "tragic incident" to protect children from violence and hold those responsible for such heinous crimes accountable.

Worth to note that the Syrian regions under Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are plagued by numerous crimes, particularly against women and children amidst a state of media blackout prevalent in those areas.