Kino Gabriel: No one fled Al-Hasakah prison; prison is under control

Kino Gabriel confirmed that no has escaped from Al-Hasakeh prison during the sabotage actions, noting that the situation is under control, and said that these incidents confirm once again the ability of the SDF to secure ISIS terrorists.

Al-Sina'a prison in Gweran neighborhood, which includes thousands of foreign ISIS mercenaries, witnessed sabotage, in an attempt by mercenaries to escape, amid the cordoning off of the place by anti-terrorist and coalition forces, and the flight over the area.

In this context, and about the events that occurred yesterday, the official spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Kino Gabriel, issued a written statement that was published on the SDF’s official website, in which he explained the course of the events that took place yesterday, and lied about the news published about the flight of a number of mercenaries.

In his statement, Kino Gabriel pointed out that the ISIS mercenaries in a prison in the city of Hasakah yesterday took off the internal doors of the prison cells and created openings in the dormitory walls. He added: "They managed to control the ground floor of the prison."

Gabriel noted that the SDF's anti-terror forces immediately intervened, managed to control the situation, and end the chaos ISIS mercenaries caused, adding that "the center and all the detainees inside it were secured."

SDF spokesperson confirmed that there would be no escape from prison, and said in this context, "We confirm that there are no escaping incidents of detainees, and that the situation in the prison is completely under control."

The statement concluded by saying, "These incidents confirm once again the ability of the SDF to secure ISIS terrorists, but it turns out that we need more support from the international community and the international coalition against ISIS, in order to ensure maximum protection for detention centers and camps that contain ISIS terrorists and their family members."



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