ISIS activity and movements in the occupied territories, Iraq- Syria

ISIS mercenaries, whom some forces are seeking to revive, have carried out numerous attacks since the beginning of the year, while security forces continue their operations against them.

ISIS activity and movements in the occupied territories, Iraq- Syria
9 May 2024   05:44

ISIS activity and movements have increased recently in some areas of northern and eastern Syria, as its mercenaries carried out many attacks.

According to sources from the security forces and bodies in the northern and eastern region of Syria, some external forces have been seeking since the beginning of this year to revive ISIS again, and it is said that these plans were implemented from the Iraqi-Syrian border to the areas occupied by Turkey.

The sources reported that the spokesman for ISIS mercenaries, Abu Hudhayfah Al-Ansari, called on ISIS sleeper cells on January 3 and April of last year to move to launch attacks, and the “Hafs Office of Al-Hashimi Al-Qurashi” and the “Minister of War” Abu Hudhayfah Al-Ansari received instructions to direct the leaders of “ISIS States.” In Syria and Iraq, by equipping and arming mercenaries.

The attacks of ISIS mercenary cells have increased in the regions of Iraq and Syria after his recent threats, and according to the information we received from informed security sources, ISIS mercenary cells are organizing themselves in Diyala Governorate, the Anbar Plain, Haditha and Al-Qaim in Iraq, while their activity has increased on the border between Syria and Iraq, and it was said that The mercenaries are preparing explosives-making groups, suicide and armed groups in these areas. They are also preparing motorcycles and car bombs, seeking to use them against the prisons where their mercenaries are detained and al-Hol Camp.

The same sources reported that ISIS mercenaries are working to increase weapons, ammunition and logistical materials in Syria and Iraq and are building military bases and weapons depots.

They disguise themselves as shepherds

The sources indicated that mercenaries formed sleeper cells in areas under the control of the Damascus government in the deserts of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, as they disguised themselves as shepherds, and pointed out that they carried out many attacks against the forces of the Damascus government and forces loyal to Iran, and their confiscation of many weapons and ammunition in these areas.

The Turkish state activated ISIS mercenaries

According to informed sources, the Turkish occupation state has activated ISIS mercenaries in the occupied areas (Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi) and the Aleppo countryside. This plan aims to deploy the mercenaries in North and East Syria as sleeper cells to carry out attacks against individuals, institutions, bodies and agencies of the region, and the leaders of the region have also joined ISIS and its members joined the ranks of the rest of the mercenary groups under Turkish instructions, and in the occupied territories a number of people detained on various charges were released on the condition of joining the ranks of the mercenaries.

Mercenary attacks

In addition to these plans and attempts, ISIS mercenaries carried out many attacks in North and East Syria.

According to the results we obtained from the security forces; during the period from January 1 to April 30, ISIS mercenaries launched 177 attacks against North an East Syria.

ISIS mercenary attacks in areas under the control of the Damascus government from the beginning of this year until May 5 resulted in the killing of 37 citizens and 301 members of the Damascus government forces.

Security forces operations

According to the same outcome, the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, the Women’s Protection Units YPJ and the Internal Security Forces in North and East Syria, from January 1 to April 30, carried out 31 operations against ISIS attacks and plans in North and East Syria, resulting in the arrest of 117 mercenaries and the killing of 10. Others, and many weapons and ammunition were seized and confiscated.

On January 29, the Internal Security Forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the Women’s Protection Units launched a security operation in the town of Al-Hamrat, east of Raqqa, which resulted in the arrest of 82 people involved in the attacks. They tried to create chaos in the region and seized many weapons and ammunition.

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