Researcher: situation in Iraq does not allow implementation of development path

An Iraqi researcher considered that Iraq's current situation does not allow the implementation of the development road, noting that the United States wants to implement this project, and Washington will not allow Baghdad to join the Chinese Silk Road path.

Researcher: situation in Iraq does not allow implementation of development path
Researcher: situation in Iraq does not allow implementation of development path
2 May 2024   03:40

In light of the economic crisis it is suffering from, Turkey has focused most of its attention on the development path that connects the Gulf kingdoms to Europe and passes through Iraq and Turkey, after Ankara was excluded from the Indo-European path.

Several reports spoke about the possibility of implementing the development path project on the ground in light of the chaotic situation in Iraq, as well as the tense Turkish conditions internally and externally. Accordingly, the Iraqi researcher specializing in historical studies, Dr. Jawad Al-Baydani, considered that: “There is a possibility of implementing the development path by removing the Workers’ Party.” Kurdistan from Iraq, and then opened various land ports, railways, other means of transportation, and gas and oil pipelines.” He stressed that this matter: “can only be achieved through these conditions or through the deployment of Turkish units or Iraqi units, and thus plunging the Iraqi army or the Peshmerga into a war with Kurdistan workers' party."

Jawad Al-Baydani pointed out that under these circumstances, this matter cannot be achieved, given that there are common lines and ISIS is still present, and the Iraqi army does not seek a direct collision with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or even the Peshmerga in these circumstances, and he said: “Therefore, I believe This confusion on the part of Turkey is not clear.”

Jawad Al-Baydani noted that the road project had been prepared since 1889, and this idea had been in place since then, but the circumstances of the World War and the economic conditions accompanying it prevented this.

The other aspect that hinders the implementation of this road, according to the Iraqi researcher specializing in historical studies: “Kuwait is doing it now, as the Emir of Kuwait visited Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Emirates, Qatar and Jordan, where Jordan responded greatly to Kuwait to the point that its king issued a statement expressing his solidarity with "Kuwait is in crisis."

Al-Bayadani explained that Kuwait implements Al-Abdullah Port and Mubarak Port, and this port can only succeed through a railway connection with Iraq, and of course this cannot be achieved because the residents of southern Iraq and their relations with Kuwait are tense, and these matters cannot be accepted.

Jawad Al-Baydani pointed out that the UAE and Qatar are the main beneficiaries of this road, while Iran also has problems regarding this road, although Tehran is trying to connect by rail with Iraq to benefit from this road, and Jordan is trying as much as possible to involve itself in this road, he said: "But this road is drawn this way."

The Iraqi researcher considered that the Indo-European path is a rival to the path of development. However, the United States supports this path with all its might, and pointed out that there was a statement from US President Joe Biden in which he said, “We cannot place Iraq within the path of the Chinese Silk Road.”

The researcher in historical studies believes that the United States will not abandon its position in Iraq, regardless of the circumstances, so Washington is trying to have an economic influence on Iraq and involve it in economic treaties in order to ensure its survival in this region. He said: “Because the militia leaders, if they engage in the economic aspect, will... These militias will turn into gangs, and thus these gangs will be dissolved with capital. This is an American strategy that was followed before the World War, when the major gangs were dissolved with capital and then broken up and ended, as happened in Brazil, Spain, and Colombia.

The Iraqi researcher specializing in historical studies, Dr. Jawad Al-Baydani, believes that Britain is the one pointing to the United States in this direction, and that the path of development must take place regardless of the circumstances.

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