SDC seeks to establish representations in Arab and foreign countries 

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council explained that they are planning to take actual steps to revitalize the course of the Syrian dialogue and restore international interest in the Syrian issue, through their consultations with Syrian parties and regional and international powers. He revealed that they would expand their foreign relations and that in the context of opening new representations in Arab and foreign countries, most notably the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

SDC seeks to establish representations in Arab and foreign countries 
2 May 2024   06:10

The Syrian Democratic Council is intensifying its political and diplomatic movements with the aim of pushing forward Syrian political solution efforts despite the obstacles and challenges represented by some regional and international powers continuing to search for their interests. The SDC is also seeking to expand its activities and foreign relations.

These activities of the Syrian Democratic Council come based on the decisions of its fourth conference, which was held four months ago, where the conference stressed the importance of continuing work to revitalize the Syrian dialogue, in order to reach national consensuses. The conference also emphasized the status of Arab countries and the importance of their role in the region, and expressed its openness to any contribution aimed at restoring the Arab role in Syria.

Coming actual steps to revitalize the Syrian dialogue process

To evaluate this, ANHA's agency conducted a meeting with the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Mahmoud Al-Muslat, who indicated that the council works primarily on the internal front by “communicating with all Syrian activities and components, whether inside or outside, as we had external tours in this context".

He explained in this context, "There are great challenges that we see at the regional and international levels, and we want to put the Syrian scene again on the table of international decision-makers. We do not want the Syrian file to be on the shelf, as this file is activated by establishing relations with most Arab and foreign countries."

He stressed that "the Syrian dialogue is one of our priorities, and we are still communicating with all components and our openness to all parties and independent personalities, internally and externally."

He revealed, "There are upcoming conferences for the clans, the opposition, and the revolutionary forces, and there are renewed activities for the Syrian Democratic Council, because we believe in the unity of the land and the Syrian people."

During his speech, Al-Muslat focused on the importance of the conference of Syrian democratic forces and figures that is being prepared to be held, and indicated that they want “this conference to be a conference that represents all Syrians and all Syrian factions. The date for holding the conference has not been set yet, but we hope that in the near future we will have a clearer picture of some of the conference participants.”

Broader external relations: new representations for us in the Gulf, Arab and foreign countries

The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council spoke about the importance of the Arab role in Syria, and pointed out that “in the end, we are part of this region and the Arab countries are an extension of us, and we are an extension of them, so we cannot be isolated from the Arab countries, and we have communication with countries like Iraq.” Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and this is the beginning of openness to these countries for the sake of a solution to the Syrian crisis and Syrian national reconciliation.”

In this context, Al-Muslat revealed that they are working to expand the Council’s relations with Arab countries by saying: “We have offices and representations abroad, and we are working to open others, but we do not forget that there are Arab countries that have normalized relations with the Syrian regime, and that was an obstacle to us, but we Part of this state and this country, and we must have external effectiveness with the Arab countries, and normalization with the regime does not mean non-normalization with us. We are working to open our representations in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the sister Arab countries and some foreign countries. Our project is clear and it is Syrian par excellence.”

Al-Muslat spoke about the reasons for the stagnation of the political solution path, and pointed out that, “In fact, we believe in international legitimacy, and Resolution 2,254 is the basis of the solution to the Syrian crisis, and SDC previously worked on this resolution as it is the true foundation of the solution in Syria. We work with all parties, the United Nations, and countries.” The active role in the Syrian file, but there are matters beyond our control, such as the state of the war between Israel and Hamas, and the militia wars on our borders, this hinders some of the Syrian solutions that we aspire to.”

He added, "But we will take steps forward and we are still communicating with many officials in the United Nations and countries active in the Syrian issue. We will not despair, but we have priorities and we agree on the essence of the issue and the solutions. However, there are some details that we are discussing with our brothers regarding the Syrian solution, but openness is for the sake of Dialogue plays an essential role to move forward in this framework.”

There is no Syrian solution without a SDC

The co-chair of SDC touched on some of the tracks related to the Syrian crisis, such as the so-called Constitutional Committee, and stressed that “the Syrian Democratic Council is the difficult number in the Syrian equation, and we prefer that SDC be part of the constitutional process, since no solutions to the Syrian crisis cannot be found without it.” Because we are part of this country and its future, and there are many connections, but we wonder what the Constitutional Committee has accomplished over the past years. It has not accomplished anything, but I repeat that we are the difficult number in this equation.”

In this context, Al-Muslat stressed that “there are external parties striving to distance SDC from any solutions and any conferences, but we will not allow any country or party to distance us from any Syrian solutions, as we represent all the Syrian components in North and East Syria, and the Syrian Democratic Council has maintained security and safety.” We will be ready for any upcoming equations, and we will be the first to find solutions to the Syrian crisis.”

Unity among Syrians is necessary to face challenges

At the conclusion of his speech, Al-Muslat sent a message to the Syrians, especially in North and East Syria, by saying: “The region is going through difficult circumstances, and we must be cohesive on the internal front to give the true picture. We are part of Syria, and we will only be part of Syria, and we believe in the unity of Syria on the ground.” And as a people, we want to be one hand united for the future of this country.”

He stressed, "There are challenges and there are external fingers that do not want us to be united in order to solve this crisis that we have experienced during these years. We in the Syrian Democratic Council are open to all components and all parties, and our hand is extended to everyone for the appropriate solutions to reach a pluralistic, decentralized Syria for the sake of all Syrians