ISF: controlling Qamishlo centers is incorrect  

The Internal Security Forces indicated that information signifying their forces have controlled a number of service centers in the city of Qamishlo are misinformed.

In a statement released by the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria in which it revealed that information signifying that they have controlled a number  of service building of the Syrian government in the city of Qamishlo are incorrect:

'' we in the Internal Security Forces indicate that widely circulated rumors and information are incorrect, and we note that our forces are adopting tight security measures on areas controlled by the Syrian regime as a reply to the blockade imposed on our people by military and security forces of the Syrian regime in the Sheikh Maqsud quarter of Aleppo.

We confirm that these measures would proceed until the blockade on our people in the Sheikh Maqsud quarter in Aleppo is lifted. We note that our forces since their foundation works to preserve and protect social and service centers and  deter any potential sabotage. We will never stop services rendered by these centers or prevent their cadres from work''.



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