In conjunction with memory of Armenian massacres, Turkish mercenaries attack Armenian families in al-Bab

In conjunction with the memory of the Armenian massacres against the Armenian people on April 24, Turkish mercenaries attacked Tuesday evening Armenian families in the city of  al-Bab and clashes between the two parties have been held so far.

Local sources from the city of al-Bab told the correspondents of our agency(ANHA) that strong clashes broke out Tuesday evening at 19:00 in the city of al-Bab occupied by the Turkish army and mercenaries, following the attack by Turkish mercenaries on the families of the Armenian origin living in the city.

It is known that the clashes focused on Khaled Bin al-Waleed Roundabout, without knowing the reasons behind the attack.

The source pointed to the arrival of a number of wounded mercenaries to the hospitals of al-Bab, including the mercenary Ali Qrndal from Tal Rifat, who is a mercenary in (Lewa al-Shemal), was wounded by a bullet to his left leg, and mercenary Mahmoud Khudair bin Mohammed, who was shot in the back and the mercenary Khalid al-Hassan Bin Walid was shot in the left thigh.

The clashes between the mercenaries and the Armenian families continue until the moment of preparing the news.

It is noteworthy that  tomorrow April 24, is the anniversary of the Armenian massacres committed by the Ottomans, the ancestors of the Turkish state against the Armenian people in 1915, which ended the lives of thousands of Armenian people.



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