Health Authority announces test to diagnose coronavirus within 30 seconds discovery

The Health Authority in North and East Syria announced a new discovery, which its labs reached after making joint efforts with the Swedish Institute (PIS), where the results were positive and tremendous, to confront the Coronavirus that has invaded most countries, and has become a global pandemic.

Today, the Health Authority in North and East Syria held a press conference in the conference hall in the building of the Department of Foreign Relations in Qamishlo, in which it announced a test that could diagnose the emergence of the new Coronavirus, within 30 seconds, which is the result of the joint work of the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the Swedish PIS Institute.

"With the spread of the Coronavirus and its invasion of most of the countries of the world, and caused a state of fear and panic among the world of the danger posed by this killer virus to human health, and with the rapid spread of it, the world's laboratories began a race against time to diagnose Injuries and attempts to find a cure. "

During the conference, Dr. Joan Mustafa explained that the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria and all of its cadres, and despite the limited capabilities and conditions that it suffers from, has tried to contribute to countering this virus, which threatens humanity and its existence.

After joint efforts and continuous work around the clock between the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Swedish PIS Institute, Mustafa announced a new discovery that they had reached in their laboratories, explaining: "Through specialized teams we were able to conduct many experiments and research that led us to amazing and mighty results, which could contribute to surrounding and controlling the dangerous and deadly Corunavirus. "

Mustafa added that a test sample has been reached that can diagnose the emerging coronavirus in 30 seconds, explaining that this discovery is the result of joint work between the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Swedish Institute PIS.

He stressed that no one has yet reached this sample in which the patient is tested by taking a sample of the person’s phlegm.

"This discovery and affirmation are the result of our latest joint research, and it is considered a first in the world, no one has reached until this moment, and it has been tried and tested for its effectiveness in three hospitals in Wuhan, China, where the test result was that it reveals an infection rate of 80 to 85% , and this is also a precedent that no one has reached yet. "

Mustafa noted: "What distinguishes the test is that it can recognize the reactions that leukocytes exhibit towards the entry of any foreign object into the human body, and does not contain any chemicals harmful to humans, and it is not affected by weather conditions, in other words it is safe."



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