Hawar news agency plan 5-22-2023

The people of Manbij made it clear that the capitalist countries, led by the Turkish occupation state, prevent the spread of the thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan among the peoples of the Middle East, and seek to create conflicts and division between the components of north-eastern Syria, stressing the continuation of the struggle and resistance until achieving his physical freedom (attached with photos and videos).

The representative of the Modernity and Democracy Party for Syria, Ibrahim Al-Thalaj, held the Baghdad government responsible for any attack on the Makhmur camp and called on the United Nations for immediate intervention, and said: "Turkey's desire is being implemented on Iraqi soil" (attached with photos and videos).

The co-chair of the Culture Authority in North and East Syria confirmed that the aim of organizing the Art Forum is to promote art, support artists and their message in all regions of North and East Syria, and develop art (attached with photos and videos).

Arab specialists confirm that Arab efforts can contribute to establishing constructive dialogues. To reach a comprehensive political settlement in Syria, and the Arab countries can play an effective role in providing humanitarian and economic support to the Syrian people (photo attached).

The Syrian Democratic Council is holding a symposium to discuss (the current Syrian political situation and how to advance the political situation) in the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor, at 10:00 (attached with photos and videos).

The Council of Martyrs' Families in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor remembers the martyrs of the month of May, at the Martyrs' Shrine in the town of Abu Hammam, at 10:00 (attached with photos and videos).

The Young Women's Union in Ad-Darbasiyah district is organizing a symposium on the environment and its protections, at the Revolutionary Youth Union Center, at 10:00 (attached with photos and videos).

In condemnation of the attempts of the Iraqi forces to surround Makhmur camp and the placement of barbed wire, the people of the city of Hasakah stage a demonstration in support of Makhmur, starting from the Hamama roundabout, at 10:00).

The people of the city of al-Hasakah bid farewell to the body of the fighter in the ranks of the People's Protection Units, the martyr Ahmed Khalaf Omar, to the shrine of the martyr Dijwar in the village of Daoudia in al-Hasakah canton at 16:30, and the people of the Euphrates region shared the corpse of the fighter in the Syrian Democratic Forces, the martyr Ismail al-Muhammad to his final resting place in the shrine Martyr Dijla, at 17:00 (attached with photos and videos).

The Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Young Women's Movement of Afrin and al-Shahba cantons are organizing a demonstration to denounce the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, at 13:00 in al-Ahdath district in al-Shahba canton (photos and video attached).

The Kongra Star for Afrin and al-Shahba canton continues distributing brochures demanding the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocalan for the third day in a row, in Tal Rifaat district in al-Shahba canton, and Sherawa district in the occupied Afrin canton, at 09:00 (attached with photos and video).