​​​​​​​We will definitely win ... to support resistance of Haftanin

The administration of the Youth and Sports Committee in Al-Hasakah canton explained that the campaign of "We will definitely win" is to support the resistance of the People Defense Forces in Haftanin, and called on all youth in Rojava regions to continue their activities in order to deter Turkish aggression on Kurdistan.

On the 15th of last August, the Revolutionary Youth Movement launched a campaign under the slogan "We will definitely win" to confront the regimes that try to break the will of the people, and the violence against women, and support the resistance of Haftanin.

The areas of Haftanin and Khwakurk, as well as the legitimate defense zones, are under the control of the greatest resistance in the face of the Turkish occupation, which inflicted painful blows on the Turkish occupation.

And an escalation of the struggle and resistance shown by the popular defense fighters in the Haftanin area in Başur of Kurdistan in the face of the Turkish occupation. The Administrative Committee for Youth and Sports in Al-Hasakah canton, Basma Muhammad, indicated in an interview that they launched "We will definitely win" campaign, to support the resistance of the HPG in Haftanin.

Basma added that the campaign focuses on three basic principles; denouncing the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan, and attacks of the Turkish occupation on the regions of Kurdistan, its series of occupation plans, and violations against women.

Turkish occupation attacks target the woman's will

The authoritarian state seeks to paralyze the strength and will of youth and women through all possible means, to hinder and disperse the organization of society. Muhammad emphasized that "all attacks are launched by the Turkish occupation targeting women's effective role in society."

At the end of her speech, Basma called on all youth in all regions of Rojava to rise up in the face of the occupation, to be fully prepared, and to continue activities to deter Turkish aggression on the regions of Kurdistan.

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