Turkey, Syria is heading towards collapse

Turkey continues its role in complicating the Syrian crisis and obstructing efforts to reach peace in the country. The Syrian people should know the Turkish state well. The main reason for Syria's destruction and tragedy is the Turkish state. Turkey caused massive destruction and supported mercenaries Turkey will not be able to evade prosecution for crimes against humanity.

As the demonstrations began in Syria, Turkey rushed to open its borders and open headquarters, and encouraged displacement. And those headquarters turned into a place to establish dark relations. In those places, a large number of people were armed and sent to ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The headquarters, Avad and Kizil Ay, are directly under Turkish and Contra-Guerilla intelligence, and the headquarters was supposed to house Syrian refugees, but the CHP deputies in the Turkish parliament are not allowed to visit the headquarters, this is an indication that the headquarters did not have a humanitarian structure.

At those headquarters, Turkey was recruiting people to serve mercenaries, Turkey was showing the world that it was sheltering millions of refugees, it incurs significant expenses and has been promoting that she is making a lot of sacrifices for Syrian refugees. Turkey exploited the refugees and received billions of euros from Europe.

Turkey enslaved millions of Syrians, and not as Turkey promoted, Turkey did not spend money on refugees. On the contrary, Turkey has made these refugees work as slaves in the most difficult circumstances. Turkey stole Aleppo factories, destroyed archaeological sites and targeted the social values of the Syrian people. Turkey sold many Syrian women and spread outrageous acts among Syrian women.

Turkey has pushed many refugees into begging, thousands of Syrians have been killed, and millions have been driven from their land, already causing Turkey to collapse. In the current situation, Turkey is an obstacle to a solution and peace.

When the fighting began in Syria, the Turkish administration began to operate with great vigor, Turkey was counting on the fall of the regime in Syria, they would say we would pray at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.

Turkey was quick to implement the policy of smelting in the territories it occupied. It occupied the areas with the support of the mercenaries who armed them and started playing with the future of Syria. Turkey supported the mercenaries of the Free Army and Jabhat al-Nusra and gathered them around them and showed them as opposition forces.

The Syrian opposition should work in the framework of preserving the unity of Syria and establishing a democratic system in it, those who rely on Turkey for what might be an opposition force, those who killed democracy in Turkey and developed fascism how can they support democracy in Syrian territory.

Everyone witnessed what Turkey did in Afrin. Turkey's practices proved that it would not hesitate to do anything to fight the Kurds. There is a cleansing of the Kurds in Afrin. Turkey occupied the land of Afrin and committed various crimes against humanity.

Russia and the Syrian regime are fully aware of Turkish crimes, all information related to Turkish crimes is in the archives of Russia and the regime, Russia had to stand up to the annihilation, but they paved the way for the occupation of Afrin when they opened the airspace of Turkey, Russia influenced its interests on human values.

Erdogan is a partner in the crimes of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS, Erdogan seeks to establish a safe area in Idlib in order to protect Jabhat al-Nusra.

What is the use of the Turkish soldiers and the "observation points", for what purpose does that force exist? Damascus and Moscow administration should answer these questions. The list of Turkish crimes in Syria is widening, and we cannot mention them in one article, but we will not let Turkish propaganda affect the people. We should not allow Turkey to get more involved in the collapse of Syria. Turkey has no work in Syria and no one has asked or appealed for help. It is quite clear that Turkey is an occupying, exclusionary, fascist and nationalist regime.



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