Government forces and Turkish mercenaries’ clashes leave deaths and injuries

Violent clashes took place between government forces and Turkish mercenaries, resulting in deaths and injuries between the two sides.

Today, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that clashes took place between Turkish mercenaries on the one hand, and government forces on the other hand, on Horsh Benin axis in the southern countryside of Idlib, as the latter attempts to advance.

The clashes were accompanied by shelling and mutual targeting, and the mercenaries were able to repel the attack in the end, while the Syrian Observatory documented human losses between the two sides, as two members of the government forces were killed and several others were wounded, and 4 mercenaries were also wounded.

On Thursday, the Syrian Observatory monitored a missile strike by government forces on areas in the town of Kansafra, and the villages of Sufuhn, Kafr Uweid and Al-Mawzara in Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib, without information about casualties.

Concurrently, the sky of the so-called "de-escalation zone” witnesses intense flights of Russian reconnaissance aircraft.

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