​​​​​​​Emrali fires.... To put pressure on supporters of Ocalan

Dr. Jawad al-Baydani

The issued reports of the international organizations about the committed violations by the Turkish government against its opponents and it is not unknown to anyone that there are liquidations carried out mysteriously against a number of journalists or intellectuals, whose opinions differ with the directions of the Turkish regime and it's dictatorial policy. The critical circumstances to which the UN international struggler, Abdullah Ocalan is subjected, is a testament to this: solitary confinement, on a remote island, is one of the methods to which this great thinker has been subjected. So let us ask why the Turks are exerting such pressure on Ocalan?

We have always said that  Abdullah Ocalan's thought is targeted. Turkey kills anyone who holds the ideas and opinions.  It creates pretexts and reasons to harm him, and break his resolve, relying on psychological pressure. Perhaps it seeks to retract this militant from his ideas  without realizing its intellectual extensions that have been planted in the minds of the world's militants.

After Turkey realized the extent of the struggler's influence, it pressured his supporters by his personality to get concessions from them, after it failed to pressure Ocalan  to give up his ideas and opinions. One way of pressuring Ocalan's supporters by setting fire to the forests of the island Emrali, where he is arrested.  If we assume that the fire did not take place by an actor, what are Turkey's objectives of keeping Abdullah Ocalan in prison? As we know the fires are close to the prison. Why  does it prevent Ocalan's lawyer from meeting him and check on his health? The wrong policies of Erdogan's regime will fuel the situation in Turkey and the world.

I say that the Kurdish people and all the freemen of the world, are well aware of the policies and repressive practices of Erdogan regime. They are certain that the doctrine cultivated by Abdullah Ocalan cannot be erased by these irresponsible actions against the strugglers.