Arrest AKP's mercenary attacked Kurdish Community Center in Paris

The French authorities arrested a member of the "SADAT" organization, known as a paramilitary organization affiliated with the Justice and Development Party (AKP), in the French capital over the attack on the Kurdish Community Center in Paris.

According to the information shared by the French journalist Gulum Perrier on Twitter, a person was arrested in Paris who identified himself as a former mercenary in the "SADAT" organization.

This attack took place after the second Paris massacre, which was committed on December 23, after the Ahmad Kaya Cultural Association in Paris was subjected to an armed attack, which resulted in the martyrdom of the member of the Executive Body of the Kurdistan Community Union. Emine Kara (Avin Koy), artist Mir Parvar (Muhammad Shirin Aydin) and Kurdish nationalist Abdul Rahman Kezel.



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