Qamishlo people: Unless the Kurdish parties unite, we will be massacred again

Qamishlo citizens explained that the separation would expose the Kurdish people again to massacres such as Halabja and the Qamishlo uprising, Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Tel-Abyed, and stressed the need for the Kurdish political parties not to normalize their relationship with the enemies, especially Turkey.

XThe unity of the Kurdish row has become a mass demand that every Kurd seeks, and it is the most important thing that stands for resolving the Kurdish issue, and there is no doubt that all segments of society have a role in uniting the Kurdish house with different orientations and affiliations, and not achieving it will expose the Kurdish people to new plots and massacres.

Despite all the initiatives and calls that were launched, some Kurdish parties are still evading the unity of the Kurdish row, as a result of their narrow partisan interests, which have affected the Kurdish issue, and have contributed greatly to the massacres of the Kurdish people, the latest of which was committed by the Turkish occupation army in Serêkaniyê and Tel-Abyed following the recent attacks that started on October 9, 2019.

Qamishlo people affirm that national unity will largely block the path in front of the conspiracies being waged against the Kurdish people and their cause.

 The citizen Salah al-Din Halabo pointed out that: “The Kurdish unity will block the path in front of the enemies of the Kurdish people, and will play a major role in the non-repetition of the Halabja scenario, March 12, Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Tel-Abyed    once again against our people.”

Halabo added: "With the unification of the Kurdish house, the Kurdish issue will receive support, and we will have an audible opinion internationally and globally."

"If we are not one hand, we will always be subjected to genocide, massacres, killing and displacement," Halabo said, and he asked all Kurdish political parties that represent the Kurdish people, that their primary demand be the unification of the Kurdish ranks.

In his turn, citizen Abdel Ilah Khalaf said: "We remember in this month the massacres committed against the Kurdish people in general, and the massacre of Halabja in particular." He added that achieving national unity has become one of the most important demands of the people in Rojava.

And Abdel Ilah Khalaf said: "The people of Rojava united with its spectra and components, Arabs, Kurds and Syriac, and with its unity resisted the most violent terrorist organizations, such as ISIS mercenaries and mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and we hope that the unity of the Kurdish people will be achieved, and through it our aspirations will be achieved."

He appealed to the citizen Abdul Ilah Khalaf for all the Kurdish political parties not to normalize with the enemies, and said: "Strengthen your unity."



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