Documents: MIT supervises on transfer ISIS elements to EU states to carryout terrorism acts 

Irrefutable evidence show that Turkish state has strong relationship with ISIS and support them, and Turkish state intelligence "MIT" which supervises on the travel and transfer ISIS elements to European countries through specializes offices.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) obtained documents confirming the supervision of Turkish intelligence on the offices of ISIS mercenaries in Turkey, whose mission is to facilitate the transfer of mercenaries from Syria to many European countries via Turkey.

Among the documents obtained by our agency, letters marked with the ring of ISIS mercenaries addressed to the so-called "security persons in Turkey". They are requested to facilitate the travel of the person named in the letter to Turkey, including to facilitate travel to one of the European countries for the tasks assigned to them through instructions directed to him by "security in Turkey." The letter states that the instructions to assign the person were directly issued by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In recent years, ISIS mercenaries have carried out a series of terrorist acts in a number of European countries.

Turkey is considered a bridge for the transfer of mercenaries from Syria and Turkey to European countries, where Turkey exploits the elements of ISIS to blackmail European countries and put pressure on them to surrender to Turkey to implement its plans in the region, especially in Syria.

Hawar news agency AHHA obtained a list of names of ISIS mercenaries who were assigned official letters to move to a number of European countries via Turkey and under the supervision of the mercenary office in Turkey, which is supervised by Turkish intelligence" MIT".



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