Despite pledges, Turkey continues to support accord government

Turkey continues its military activity, sending mercenaries to Libya despite the agreement of the international parties participating in the Berlin Conference on Libya, to stop interferences and refrain from military support to the warring Libyan parties.

Turkey continues to violate the agreement reached by the parties. Libyan local media reported that Turkey had sent an air defense system to Accord Government in Tripoli.

And published pictures that said: One of the civil aviation passengers at Mitiga airport took it, showing the presence of an air defense system near the control tower, and indicated that a Turkish Hawk anti-aircraft air defense system was installed.

The spokesman for the Libyan Army General Command, Ahmed al-Mismari, said during a previous press conference that Turkey and Accord Government took advantage of the armistice in Tripoli, and installed an American air defense system at Mitiga airport, in addition to landing weapons, military vehicles, and Syrian and Turkmen mercenaries to Tripoli.

It is noteworthy that the hook anti-aircraft system that appeared in the photos is the same that appeared in the video clip, which was published by al-Mismari on Turkey's penetration of the armistice and the landing of weapons in Tripoli.

In addition, a website that specializes in taking pictures via satellite published a picture of drones in the Libyan capital, and ImageSat, on its Twitter account, published on Wednesday, footage that shows "Bayrakdar" drones at Mitiga International Airport.

She pointed out that Mitiga International Airport Hosts Turkish aircraft belonging to Accord Government, from the type of TB2."

This new Turkish support for Accord Government is further evidence of Turkish violations of international endeavors aimed at stopping interventions in the countries that have been torn by conflict for years.



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