Turkey violates agreement: attacks in Serêkaniyê, wall removed, enter mercenaries east the city

 The Turkish occupation violates the cease-fire agreement, where its mercenaries launch attacks on SDF positions in the city of Serêkaniyê, while the Turkish occupation army removed the walls on the border and entered the mercenaries to the east of the city.

Despite the announcement of the ceasefire, the Turkish occupation state, which wants to exterminate the peoples of the region does not stop its attempts to occupy the region, and in this context, ANHA correspondents from the city of Serêkaniyê said that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army are still attacking the SDF points in al-Shohada roundabout where the city hospital is densely crowded with wounded civilians.

Despite the targeting, the SDF has yet to respond to the mercenary's targeting.

In a related context, the Turkish occupation army removed the concrete wall on the border opposite the village of Aluk and is working to bring mercenaries to the village and the city of Serêkaniyê, in clear violation of the agreement announced yesterday.



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