During a press conference, SDF confirms its forces' readiness to confront Turkish attacks

 The Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed their readiness to repel any Turkish attack.  It accused the Turkish occupation of non-complying with the 2019 agreement, warning that the Turkish occupation army that it would confront the Syrian government forces and all Syrians.  It welcomed "significant Russian efforts to stop the attacks."

 Today, the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces held a press conference at its headquarters in the city of Al-Hasakah, regarding the continuous Turkish threats against the regions of north and east Syria, and the preparations of the Syrian Democratic Forces to confront the attacks.

 During the press conference, he read a statement on behalf of the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces by the Commander-in-Chief, Mazloum Abdi.

 Turkey breached 2019 agreements

Abdi confirmed that the Turkish threats against the cities of Manbij, Tal Rifaat and Kobani began on May 23 and never stopped. Turkey and its mercenaries are preparing, and they will attack northern and eastern Syria at any time they have the opportunity.

He also refuted "the arguments that the Turks invoke to launch the operation, which is our forces' violation of the agreements of 2019, but in fact we find that it targets with threats the democratic experiment in north and east Syria in general and the Kurdish presence in particular, the division of Syria and the occupation of its north, and closing the road to a political solution to the Syrian crisis."

 He confirmed the commitment of his forces to the terms of the 2019 agreement, including the retreat of their forces under that agreement from the Syrian sovereign border with Turkey by a distance of 30 km. The way was opened for the Syrian government forces to station themselves in the border areas, in addition to the continuation of Russian-Turkish patrols in those areas.

 The statement of the Syrian Democratic Forces included the violations committed by the Turkish occupation army, "The Turkish state, on its part, did not abide by those agreements, and our centers recorded daily violations by the Turkish-backed factions on the ground against our areas, and other attacks carried out by the Turkish army by air against civilians in north and east Syria."

 According to the statement, during the past month alone, the Turkish occupation army committed a number of violations, including;

300  artillery attacks, in which 1,360 artillery shells were used. 6 ground attack attempts. 7 suicide drone attacks, in which 6 civilians, including 2 children, were killed, and 9 others wounded. 22 drone attacks.

 Turkish threats affected the war against ISIS

 Abdi noted that the Turkish threats directly affected "the concentration of our forces and diverted them from the war against ISIS," and that these threats directly target "the efforts of the coalition and the international community against ISIS in the region."

 He also expressed his fear of "the deterioration of the security situation in prisons and camps, and the increase in ISIS activity, especially with the decrease in the pace of our security operations against them."

He also stressed that the security operations against ISIS fell by half during June compared to May, in which we arrested 73 ISIS elements.

 The international position is insufficient to deter attacks

 The SDF also referred to the international positions regarding the Turkish threats, and noted that the continuation of these threats "indicates the inadequacy of these positions to deter threats and stop the escalation."

 It also noted that the occupied areas have become a hotbed for ISIS mercenaries, an example of which is the recent killing of the leader, Maher Al-Aqal, in the areas occupied by Turkey.  Stressing, "they obtained confirmed information that ISIS is preparing to attack al-Hol camp."

 Abdi also praised the efforts of "the United States headed by Joe Biden", describing them as positive, "but they are not sufficient to limit these attacks."

 It also welcomed Russia's "significant de-escalation efforts." stressing that the Syrian army has reinforced its forces on the borders of the threatened areas in Kobani and Tal Rifaat, and we are still working on Manbij, in coordination with the Russian side.

 "We are working to stop threats, and our forces have strengthened their defences."

 The SDF stressed that efforts should be made to prevent the attacks.  It also affirmed its readiness to repel the attacks, "If they occur, our response will not be the same as before. During the past three years, our forces have strengthened our defenses and their military readiness. We will expand the scope of the resistance and stand firm to prevent the Turkish incursion."

 It also warned the Turkish occupation army of what it called the entire northern Syrian battle, "There is no place left for us to retreat to, the battle of the entire north of Syria will be and will not remain limited. The Turkish army and the factions supported by it will first face the forces of the Syrian government and all Syrians in this war."

 In its press conference, the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces called on all the people of northern and eastern Syria to "support the resistance and stand by their children." It also called on all political parties to remove political and intellectual contradictions and assume their national responsibilities.



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