Kongra Star: July 19 revolution is women's revolution

The Kongra Star congratulated the 8th anniversary of the July 19 revolution, and appealed to all women and peoples of northern and eastern Syria to escalate the struggle against the Turkish occupation.

of the July 19 revolution, and stated in the text of the statement:

"There are moments that cannot be stopped, and there are times that cannot be frozen, there are stages that cannot be concealed, and there are women who cannot be killed, and there are people that cannot be eliminated, no darkness or injustice, any force or army can block the light of the process of modernization, when people and women begin to define and establish space and time, there is nothing that can stand in the way of them, this fact is called the revolution, and the name and place of this fact is called the Rojava Revolution.

On July 19, the day of the Rojava Revolution, it is the day of accountability for two basic things. The first is that women began to hold the authoritarian male, the occupying state, and sexual slavery spanning 5,000 years, and during this accountability she did not seek her rights from anyone, but worked in obtaining her rights, in this accountability she did not place any hopes on anyone but relied on herself, therefore the women of the Rojava Revolution revealed one of the facts of the history of women in the world, namely, that if a woman wants to crown the struggle of freedom with victory, then she must bear arms, and turn women into An army to protect themselves and their rights through the long-term war, and therefore the authoritarian man did not show any mercy and did not kindly grant women their rights, and this is the reason why the revolution was called in the name of the revolution of women for the first time in history, it is a great historical revival, it is a great revenge for global women, in the place where the Neolithic revolution appeared and the woman's enslavement phase began, in the same place we launched the revolution of women's freedom, it is the good news of eternal life, during this revolution was our light, our example and our hope is the philosophy of the leader Ocalan which says "If a woman is not liberated, society will not be liberated", with the spirit and enthusiasm of the memory of the 8th anniversary of the Women’s Revolution, We salute leader Ocalan, and say congratulation.

Second, the Kurdish people were able, through the Rojava Revolution, to hold the regime of genocide accountable, to hold Lausanne’s regime that divided its homeland. From the occupied state, which denies its existence, and works to eliminate it and annihilate its sacred land, it held accountable for the international situation that imposed the nation-state system on the Kurdish people. The people demanded their rights by establishing the democratic nation as an alternative to the nation-state, federalism instead of the one-state system, unity of peoples instead of racism, and the system of the autonomous administration instead of genocide and massacres, and he pursued the third line instead of the conflict between two parties, and thus managed to achieve victory.

On this basis, we congratulate women, peoples, and the world on the eighth anniversary of the Rojava Revolution, and because the Rojava Revolution was realized on the philosophy and struggle of the leader of the Kurdish people and the martyrs, we are grateful to them, and we congratulate the leader of the peoples Abdullah Ocalan and we congratulate the martyrs on this occasion, as we congratulate our people who wrapped around Revolution, by struggle, resistance, and constant sacrifices.

We appeal to all women and peoples and we appeal to the world to escalate the struggle in the spirit of the Rojava revolution, against the attacks of the Turkish occupation and ISIS, and we say that we will not be silent until the world turns into a arena for the revolution of women, and as Che Guevara said about Vietnam, we also say about the Rojava revolution. Seconds, thirds, and more. "



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