​​​​​​​Rubin: Europe and America must give Turkey painful hit

Former Pentagon official, Michael Rubin called on the United States and Europe to punish Turkey for its support for terrorist groups in Syria, and expressed his disappointment with the leniency of Europe, US President Donald Trump and the official of the Syrian file, James Jeffrey, towards Turkey's practices.

A new report by the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense, "The Pentagon," said a few days ago, that Turkey is still a regional transit center for ISIS mercenaries.

According to the same report, the US European Command described Turkey as "the main facilitation axis" for ISIS mercenaries, and said: "Security on the country's southern borders with Syria and Iraq remains a problem, despite the efforts of the partner forces on the ground in both countries."

During the last period, the West's criticisms and accusations of Turkey increased in supporting terrorist groups in Syria.

Turkish blackmail for Europe

About this, former Pentagon official Michael Rubin told Hawar News, "Frankly, I do not have high hopes for that. Europeans are vulnerable to Erdogan's threats, who have always threatened to unleash immigrants and send them to European Union countries."

He added, "Erdogan has always shown that he is able to control Trump, whether by flattering the latter or by bribing him."

Europe's options to pressure Turkey

Rubin believes, "The only way to hold Turkey accountable is for Europe to strike Turkey, and for the blow to be painful, the European Union must immediately stop allowing Turkish Airlines to enter its airports and stop all flights to the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean ports." .

Disagreement between the State and the Pentagon

Rubin revealed, saying, "The report stresses that the US State Department sees Turkey as an ally other than what the Pentagon sees."

 He explained, "The US State Department does not represent the final US foreign policy, and in the event that the US State Department conflicts with the Pentagon, then the White House acts as a judge, James Jeffrey may practice a policy of deception about it, but now he increasingly lacks the confidence of the majority in the US administration."

"The Kurds should press to punish Turkey "

On the US-Turkish tension and imposing sanctions on the latter, Rubin explained, "I think that Washington will impose sanctions on Ankara, but as a reaction to Turkey's dealings with Russia and not for anything else. Therefore, the Kurds must press to ensure that Ankara does not escape punishment."

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