​​​​​​​Kurdish parties responds to al-Assad: Components are authentic in their areas before drawing borders of current Syrian state

In response to Bashar al-Assad's latest statement, 31 of the Kurdish political parties and forces in Syria said: "The components of the Syrian people in northern and eastern Syria with their Arabs, Kurds, Syriacs, and all the components are authentic and coexisted in their regions with each other before drawing the borders of the current Syrian state.

These components have been coherent by their authenticity and patriotism and defended their existence and dignity when the regime left them a prey to the dark terrorism and its users. It (the Syrian regime) with these positions agrees with Turkey and is in harmony with Erdogan's plans against our country Syria. "This came through a joint statement issued by 31 Kurdish political parties, forces and movements in Syria in response to the statements of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who claims that there is no Kurdish issue in Syria and that the Kurds are not Syrians. The statement said:

"After nine years of killing, displacement and destruction in Syria, the President Bashar al-Assad speaks in the same mentality and language that were the reason for what happened to the Syrian people and the disaster that befell them, far from reality and from the lessons that should have been drawn from the Syrian tragedy and the suffering of the Syrian people with all its components. This mentality and this logic do not indicate contribution or even acceptance of any political solution that ends this tragedy.

Here we want to emphasize that the components of the Syrian people in the north and east of Syria with its Arab, Kurdish, Syriac, and all the existing components are authentic and coexisted in their regions with each other before drawing the borders of the current Syrian state, and for this, they are authentic components and they did not come from any other spot. No one can overbid their patriotism and Syrian affiliation.

These components co-existed with their originality, patriotism, and defended their existence and dignity when the regime left them prey to dark terrorism and its users, and they were able to develop their own democratic autonomous administration to be a model for all of Syria. Stability will not be achieved unless a democratic Syria is achieved in which any Syrian citizen gains their individual and collective rights, and express themselves in complete freedom. These components defended the dignity and unity of Syria and paid the price for it from the blood of tens of thousands of its children, and they cooperated with the forces fighting dark terrorism because the interest of the Syrian homeland required that, knowing that these forces were present to fill the void that resulted from the regime's inaction and not at the request of the components. Cooperation came in the common interest against terrorism, not to fight the Syrian state.

While we affirm that our people have never contributed to threatening the unity and division of Syria, we call on the Syrian government to search well for those who divide, threaten, and deal with the original Syrian geography as if it were without any Syrian affiliation. We also affirm that there is no option in achieving stability and the solution except for a real and democratic project that stems from the need and Syrian national representation.

Northern and eastern Syria is a living and practical sample in light of the proposal of the democratic nation project which cannot succeed without the Kurds, as this democratic proposition does not mean denial of the Kurdish issue, but the Syrian cohesion and diversity is strengthened, and this embodies the truth of the solution to the issue of the Kurds and others.

We believe that the insistence of the Syrian government and its reading of the general scene, especially in northern and eastern Syria is wrong and not in their interest, nor in the interest of the Syrians. With these positions, it agrees with Turkey and is in harmony with Erdogan's plans against our country, Syria, and with everyone who wants to destroy Syria, threatens its unity, and executes extermination, so we call on the Syrian government to adopt the language of reason and come closer to the Syrian reality as it is without any disregard because ignorance and denial complicate the matters more, and that Syria needs real positions that achieve stability, safety and the democratic solution and in the forefront the recognition of the Kurdish issue as it requires a solution within the solution to the Syrian dilemma.

In conclusion, we affirm that we, as political parties in northern and eastern Syria, have one and firm position which is that we are part of the democratic solution project in Syria and we are working for a pluralistic and democratic Syria with a common and one struggle.

The parties signed the statement:

The Future Syria Party

The National Coordination Body – The Democratic Change Movement

The Democratic Union Party

The Syriac Union Party

The Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

The Kurdistan Liberal Union

The Kurdistan Communist Party

The Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria

The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party

The Kurdish Left Party in Syria

The Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria

The Kurdistan National Rally Party

The Kurdistan Democratic Change Party

The Kurdistan Renewal Movement

The Kurdistan Workers Union

The Arab National Body

The Party of Modernity and Democracy of Syria

The Kurdistan Green Party

The Syrian Kurdish Democratic Accord Party

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)

The Reform Movement - Syria

The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Party)

The Democratic Assyrian Party

Roj Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria

The Free National Union - Rojava

The Democratic Society Movement

The Kongra Star

The Democratic Conservative Party

The Democratic Struggle Party

The Kurdistan Republican Party.


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