ISF: A decapitated woman found in Al-Hol camp

The Internal Security Forces ISF in the most dangerous camp in the world, "Al-Hol Camp", found the beheaded body of a Syrian woman, in the third crime within 3 days, bringing the number of murders this year to 25 people.

ANHA's correspondent from Al-Hol district of Al-Hasakah canton reported that the Internal Security Forces recently found a beheaded Syrian woman in the sixth sector designated for Syrians, the woman was born in 2003 and hails from the Syrian governorate of Homs.

It is noteworthy that the camp witnessed a Syrian woman shot in the head, on Thursday (June 23), and on Wednesday (June 22) the body of a murdered woman was found in the football field within the third sector designated for Iraqis inside Al-Hol camp.

With the new case, the number of people killed in the camp since the beginning of this year has risen to 25, both women and men, while the death toll from similar incidents with motives for murder has reached 14, among women and men.

Al-Hol camp, which consists of 9 sectors, according to the records of the camp administration until the date of preparing this report, includes 56 thousand and 97 people, including 29 thousand and 152 persons, who hold Iraqi citizenship; Among young people, men, women and children within 7,791 families, the number of Syrians reaches 18,863 people, including youth, men, women and children, among 4,998 families.

Whereas the number of women and children of ISIS foreign mercenaries reaches 8,109 people, among 2,416 families, of 54 foreign nationalities, who live in an isolated sector, the ninth sector known as the "migrant sector".



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