Afarin Hospital is threatened to be out of service and lives of dozens of patients are in danger

Administrator in Afarin Hospital warned that the hospital would be out of service. Due to the lack of medicines and oxygen, as well as the stoppage of ambulances due to the lack of diesel fuel, in addition to the power outage in the hospital during the next few hours.

Damascus government continues its unjust siege on Shahba Canton, and it prevents the entry of fuel, medicine, and foodstuffs into it; This threatens a humanitarian catastrophe if the siege continues.

After suspending the work of service institutions and school hours in Shahba Canton; Due to the lack of fuel, the ambulances in Afarin Hospital also are out of service.

5 ambulances were previously working in Afarin Hospital, which used to receive about 600 citizens for treatment daily, but without providing them with medicines; Because of the siege and the lack of medical supplies.

Administrator of Afarin Hospital, Dr. Azad Rasho, warned, during an interview with ANHA agency, that all departments in the hospital have stopped working; Due to the lack of fuel oil, medicines and oxygen.

And he explained that, "The patients who receive treatment in the hospital face severe cold; Due to the lack of heating materials and electricity that feed the hospital."

And pointed to "the suffering of citizens, especially children, who face difficult conditions in camps and semi-destroyed homes, as a result of the lack of heating oil."

Warning that, "dozens of citizens losing their lives due to the unavailability of medicines or their transfer to hospitals in the city of Aleppo for treatment."

Dr. Azad Rasho, called on "international and human rights organizations to intervene immediately and lift the siege imposed by the Damascus government on Shahba Canton."

It is worth noting that more than 200,000 citizens live in Shahba Canton, from Afrin and indigenous people, in addition to the presence of more than 3,000 IDPs and more than 25,000 children.



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