SDF calls upon the international community to provide more support to prevent ISIS insurgency again  

On the third anniversary of the geographical elimination of ISIS, the Syrian Democratic Forces warned of the imminent dangers that ISIS continues to pose, calling on the international community to provide adequate and lasting assistance to the peoples of north and east Syria, and to prevent Turkey from harming the gains made with the blood of thousands of martyrs.

On Wednesday, the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement to the public opinion, on the occasion of the third anniversary of the liberation of Baghouz and the geographical elimination of ISIS mercenaries.

The statement reads:

Today, March 23, marks the third anniversary of the elimination of the last stronghold of the terrorist organization ISIS and the final announcement of the elimination of its alleged state after years of great continuous struggle made by our forces and people in north and east Syria with international support, which was finally crowned with glory and honor to rid the world of the greatest danger that preoccupied people in the region and the world in their present and future.

On this occasion, we recall the beginning of our martyrs, who, without their sacrifices, would not have achieved this great victory, as well as our brave fighters and our strong and sacrificial people who firmly defended their moral and human values ​​by confronting the terrorist organization and its supporters in light of the modest military and security capabilities and the multiple threats to which our regions were exposed by regional countries it went in the opposite direction of the war against ISIS.

last strongholds in Baghouz has revived the chances of survival and life for millions of people in our regions and the world, as our forces played the role of the global savior for these people after ISIS reached in a specific period its most dangerous stages and hopes of controlling it and stopping its expansion outside the borders of the countries of the region, where the world witnessed with its own eyes its brutal and horrific crimes against humans, history and nature, and every person and every city and village in the region has a painful story that shakes the human entity and it is difficult to be forgotten. From the terrorism of ISIS is a global moral duty that falls on the shoulders of every free person who is proud of his humanity, and a responsibility towards our regions and our people.

In this regard, we point to the imminent dangers that ISIS continues to pose, especially its terrorist cells, and we reiterate that the terrorist organization is trying to revive its dreams again and try to control geographically some areas in Syria and Iraq and pose a greater danger to the population, as well as finding a foothold for it to expand. Attracting potential elements in the world, as the recent attacks on Sina’a Prison in Hasakah confirmed what we were warning of, the danger of ignoring the international community and its slowness in resolving this file by not helping to solve many issues, the most important of which are the files of prisons and camps containing ISIS detainees and families, as well as the failure to provide support sufficient for the reconstruction of the area that was damaged as a result of the terrorist organization’s control over it and the battles that took place to expel it.

Hence, we stress that the inaction of the international community and some countries turning their back on this file, as well as the absence of a clear, comprehensive and long-term international plan, increases the human and material costs and provides a continuous opportunity for ISIS to benefit from it in strengthening its organization and blackmailing and intimidating part of the local communities to prevent them from participating in judicial efforts. On extremist ideas and drying up the ideological environment of the organization, as well as attracting new local and foreign elements in the open space for inflammatory propaganda that it benefits from under fake names and platforms. It is also necessary to point out the seriousness of the narrow approaches of some countries and their unwillingness to assume their responsibilities in the matter of receiving their nationals from ISIS families, as well as their detainees in the prisons of north and east Syria, in parallel with the failure to provide the necessary assistance to establish an international court in our regions to try these people. Such approaches would harm with the efforts made during the past years in the war against ISIS, and increasing ISIS’s ability to overcome its deep setbacks.

On this basis, the Syrian Democratic Forces once again call on all countries in the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS to provide more support to our forces in their long-term war and to develop a clear military, security and political strategy to prevent the return of the terrorist organization, and we also call on the international community to provide adequate and lasting assistance to the peoples of the regions North and East Syria, supporting security, stability, economic and societal development, as well as playing its role in preventing other parties, particularly Turkey, from harming the gains made with the blood of thousands of martyrs in the war against ISIS and maintaining the stability necessary for the success of efforts in the final eradication of the terrorist organization.

Once again, we congratulate our people and fighters, as well as the free world and our partners in the Global Coalition, on the third anniversary of the liberation of Baghouz and the elimination of the alleged ISIS state, and we once again call on all parties to unite and unify all efforts to rid humanity of the terrorism called “ISIS”.



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